Black & Blue…& Green: The Aloe Fix For Bruises

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Aloe Vera is popular for its soothing nature when applied to a sunburn. But it also can help with a variety of minor injuries, including the most widespread injury of them all: bruises. Aloe Vera, a succulent African lily known for its topical healing properties, has been used for centuries to heal small cuts, scrapes, and sunburns. The good news is that Aloe Vera gel works to heal bruises as well. Bruises are known to be persistent and can last for weeks if they are left to heal on their own, but this plant can help heal them 30 to 50% faster than normal. If you’re concerned about unsightly bruises on your skin, applying some Aloe Vera gel can help. Don’t believe me that aloe for bruises is a thing? It’s not too good to be true! Here’s some proof:

Aloe Vera for Bruises

Why aloe for bruises? Well, aloe vera’s healing properties will help speed up the healing process of the broken blood vessels under the skin, clearing up any bruise quicker than it would heal naturally. When applied to the skin, the gel in an Aloe Vera plant acts as a protective seal, preventing any dirt or bacteria from entering the area. While the wounded area is sealed, the gel of the plant speeds up the healing process.¬†While bruises aren’t always particularly painful or prone to infections, they are unsightly and can make you feel self conscious. The moisture in aloe vera gel gives bruises an environment where the blood vessels can repair themselves quickly and effectively, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and natural again.

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Aloe Bruise Application

There are two different ways to apply aloe vera to a bruise: with application of an over the counter product or with an application of the plant’s fresh gel. Natural aloe vera gel is sold in stores in various sizes, but there are other options for treating cuts and bumps.

  • If you want the most natural remedy for bruises and other minor injuries, owning your own Aloe Vera plant is your best bet; you can break the leaves off and apply the fresh gel yourself.
  • If that’s too much trouble, the next option is to buy pure Aloe Vera gel that can be found in drug stores. This is just aloe vera gel that has been squeezed from a plant and bottled for convenience. Be careful when buying aloe vera products, however. Make sure pure aloe is what you are getting. Many lotions and creams will contain some aloe but deceptively done a title that positions aloe as the main ingredient. So, make sure you check out the ingredient list: just because the company advertises aloe on the front does not mean a lot of it is in the bottle! Store-bought aloe products tend to include a lot of chemicals and artificial additives, which can detract from or dilute the amount of aloe that actually makes it to your skin! Checking out aloe products at your local health food store as opposed to the supermarket or pharmacy may also help you avoid the trap of purchasing an aloe product with little aloe. Also try making your own aloe lotion or cream, this way you control how much aloe goes into the product and you know just what you’re getting.
  • There are also products infused with Aloe Vera and other herbs that are designed to nourish and protect the skin even more effectively than pure Aloe Vera gel. The most common of these products are lotions, but there are others, including Aloe Vera juice, Aloe Vera pills and even Aloe Vera infused socks!

If you have a bruise, applying an Aloe Vera infused lotion or cream frequently will help it heal faster than usual. If you want the best results, choose a lotion that has a high content of Aloe Vera (80% or more). These products are just as common as pure Aloe Vera gel, and some are infused with different vitamins that can give more benefits. Some people choose these infused lotions and creams while others opt for the simple Aloe Vera gel itself. How will you choose to use the healing properties of the Aloe Vera plant? The choice is yours!

Aloe Vera, Bruises, and Dogs–Oh My!

Although Aloe Vera is primarily used by humans, man’s best friend can also benefit from the healing properties. Dogs can get bumped and bruised just like humans can, and Aloe Vera can help with their bruises just as much as it can help with a human’s. After a harsh clipping, bruising on the feet can be common, and applying Aloe Vera to paws can help ease the wound. If you find a bruise on your dog or other areas of irritated skin, Aloe Vera will moisturize and soothe the area. Older dogs are prone to bruising, so always having Aloe Vera on hand is a good idea.

Although Aloe Vera is mostly known for its ability to soothe a sunburn, there are many more uses for the plant. By applying the Aloe Vera gel to bruises, you may speed up the healing process significantly and get your skin looking healthy and new again. Keeping over the counter Aloe Vera products, or even Aloe Vera plants themselves, in your house is a necessity if you want to have quick access to a natural and soothing herbal medication. Not only is Aloe Vera a natural way to treat minor injuries, but it offers a natural, easy way to upkeep the cosmetic nature of skin as well. Every household should have Aloe Vera on hand.

Aloe for bruises–go out and spread the word!

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  1. Ada says

    Please, if you are going to use this on your dog, put a cone around their head to keep them from licking the area the gel was applied to. Aloe Vera is essentially poison to dogs, and can cause excessive amounts of vomiting and diarrhea. Use caution, and DO NOT let your dog ingest the gel.

  2. Mr Green says

    Yes aloe heals bruises quickly. I had a bad bruise to the shin and applied the latex first for the pain since it is a great painkiller and then the gel and covered it with a light bandage it healed completely in three days.

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