Aloe: Preventing and Fighting Cancer

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The word cancer brings terror to every person on the planet and for good reason. Its effects on the human body are ghastly to see, causing everyone concerned fear and loathing if a loved one has it. Treatments vary according to individual doctors, who each have their preferred method of treatment. Some prefer radiation, some chemotherapy. Some prefer surgery in addition to the other two treatments. A few even seek the advice of Eastern medicine practitioners who favor natural remedies and cures to combine with the chemical treatments. Cancer is becoming more and more common so treatments to kill it and save lives have begun to cross boundaries: we are more accepting of and willing to try practices that are different–aloe being one of them. Aloe vera, the pointy-leaved succulent native to Africa, can indeed prevent and fight cancer.

What is Cancer?

Cancer, by definition, is a cell gone bad. Genetics are beginning to identify people who are at risk of bad cells causing various cancers, while other causes like smoking, alcohol and chemicals in foods affect most people. Cancer is when these bad cells grow unchecked. They affect the tissues of the body by overpowering them and destroying them. They join together to form tumors which, like a sponge, soak up other cancerous cells and spread throughout the bloodstream.

The Role of the Immune System

The immune system is the body’s first defense against infection and disease. It destroys harmful bacteria and viruses in the body, but to do that it has to know they are foreign. Upon recognition, special cells in the immune system go to war to destroy the invading foreigners. The immune system can also identify cancer because cancer cells are different from regular cells and in most cases, will search and destroy. On the other hand, sometimes the immune system doesn’t recognize abnormal cancer cells because the cancer cells slip past the immune system. As a result, the immune system thinks them healthy so it doesn’t send out an alarm.

Common sense would seem to point out that if abnormal cells can slip by the notice of healthy cells, then strengthening the healthy cells and stimulating them to kick some abnormal cell behind could solve the problem. The abnormal cells can be killed with radiation and chemotherapy, so it stands to reason making the normal cells stronger so they can help kill the bad ones should work. To that end, studies have been made using natural remedies to prevent and cure cancer, one of which is aloe.

Aloe’s Role in Strengthening the Immune System

Aloe is made up of more than seventy-five compounds. Complex carbohydrates, steroids, organic acids, enzymes, antibiotic agents, amino acids, and minerals are all included in a plant made of succulent green leaves. An enzyme in aloe has been found to be responsible for the gel’s ability to heal burns. But it is the complex carbohydrates in aloe that can strengthen the immune system cells, kick the abnormal cells’ behinds and prevent or cure cancer.

Complex carbohydrates are compounds that causes the cells to open their door to nutrients coming in and also open their door to push out toxins. The complex carbohydrates make up a long chain sugar that puts itself into all cells. The cells absorb nutrients and repel toxins because this sugar chain makes the cells able to do this. Cells metabolize better and energy production improves. The immune system is stronger and is better able to fight off abnormal cells, or cancer.

The body’s immune system is all over the body, not located in one spot like the heart is, for example. Each organ or area in the body has its own team fighting infection and they are all inter-related. When something foreign is taken into the body, such as the chemicals that color, flavor or preserve our foods, the foreign things build up in the intestines and colon. They can’t be removed because the body does not recognize them, so they sit there. They irritate the linings of the body’s systems, causing swelling, ulcers and evil.

Aloe in the Body

Aloe, when it enters the body, first takes out the swelling and irritation because the good bacteria in our bodies that were designed to carry out foreign bodies are destroyed by these chemicals. Yeast infections occur because of this. Yeast doesn’t always manifest in the urinary tract, sometimes it stays inside the body causing trouble. Aloe takes it out.

When the good bacteria is back in shape and the intestines and colon are good to go, aloe turns next to other organs. The spleen, for instance, takes out the garbage in the body so the intestines and colon can clean house, so to speak. Aloe gets into the immune system around the spleen, making the cells filter out the garbage and keep the good stuff. After that passes, aloe concentrates on making the rest of the immune system stronger by getting into the cells to make them stronger. The vitamins, minerals, amino acids, complex carbohydrates and other ingredients in aloe make the immune system strong and erasing the bad effects of the colors, chemicals and other junk the body is used to from fast foods, boxed foods and anything that isn’t fresh like fruits and vegetables. Once that’s gone, the immune system is strong and can recognize bad cells and kick them out.

Where to Find the Cancer-Preventing Plant

Aloe can be bought in any grocery store or pharmacy in many forms: pills, liquid, gel, lotion, cream, oil, shampoo, etc. But to prevent and fight cancer, you want to do more than just apply the miracle plant to your skin–you want to consume it. You can buy aloe juice to get this job done: it is sold plain or mixed with fruit juice. When aloe is raw and on its own, it is not the tastiest thing to drink, so mixing it with sweeter ingredients will help mask the taste without diluting its medicinal potential. Try these scrumptious aloe juice recipes to make preventing cancer one of the tastiest things you’ve ever done! You can also make aloe water, but that previous caution stands. Taste buds beware! Making your own aloe juices with cancer-fighting potential are also better than banking on store-bought juices, because you can control how much aloe and what other ingredients go into what you drink. Often time, bottled juices found in the supermarket will contain only a small amount of aloe or mix other artificial sweeteners and ingredients into the aloe drink, which kinda defeats all the health benefits of aloe, don’t you think!

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If the taste of aloe–despite mixing it with all the fruits you could carry home from the store–is still something you cannot get past, go for the aloe capsules or pills.  But whether you pick juice or pills, be careful of your dosage. Aloe pills and juice have many cautions because you are ingesting the plant, which can cause digestive or kidney problems, especially if you accidentally consume any aloe latex (the laxative part of the plant). So just make sure you read up on how to take aloe vera before reaping all its cancer benefits!

Aloe’s anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and other properties make aloe essential to good health and prevention of disease. Its vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other good properties make aloe necessary to replenishing the body’s defenses so it can fight better for us. Its cancer preventing and cancer fighting properties make aloe a no-brainer for anyone suffering from the disease. Aloe’s cancer-fighting goal: Kill the abnormal cells, make the good cells better and improve the overall quality of life for the cancer victim.

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