Aloe Vera for the Eyes and Ears: Aloe Drops Soothe and Moisturize

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Aloe Vera is well known for its soothing qualities for skin and burns, but did you know that you can also use Aloe for eyes and ears? 

Pain and itchiness can be especially irritating and difficult to treat when it occurs in the eyes and ears. Some groups are more susceptible to ear trouble than others. Swimmers and young children also have more frequent earaches. Abnormalities in the ear can cause more frequent irritation. Drops can help restore the pH balance, calming and soothing the inflammation or swelling of the inner ear tissue. Aloe works similarly on eyes. I sometimes find myself temporarily blinded after cooking with hot peppers by the oil left on my fingers. Scrub your hands well after mincing jalepenos! Immediately! It’s a lesson I don’t seem to be able to learn. Fortunately, Aloe takes gets rid of the burn quickly.

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Why does Aloe Vera work?

The gel in the aloe vera plant has healing properties that work to deflate swelling tissue. Anyone who has used Aloe Vera gel on sunburn knows how the gel can soothe the burning pain. When itching is the issue, the skin in the inner ear or eye might be mildly inflamed but not so much that it is painful. All the same, the irritation might be so annoying that it is unbearable, and if that’s the case then a little Aloe Vera might be in order. Aloe is safe for any age, which makes it a great home remedy for children who swim more frequently and have earaches in the summertime.

Aloe Vera plants are common and fairly inexpensive. Even young plants are effective, but for the most potency it is better to buy the largest plant you can afford. They’re easy to care for- check out our article on the subject. Once you’ve got your Aloe, there are a couple of ways to harvest the gel. Some sources suggest squeezing it out, much like toothpaste from a tube. Starting with the top of the cut leaf, squeeze downward to push the gel out. You can also cut the leaf open and scrape the gel out with a spoon. Partially harvested leaves can be wrapped in aluminum foil and stored in the fridge for several days. If making your own drops is not your thing, eye and ear drops with Aloe Vera are readily available for purchase.

Application is even easier than the preparation. For ears, use medicine dropper to collect some of the stored gel. Tip the head to the side and drop 3-5 drops in the ear. For children, it might be easier to apply the gel drops if the child is lying on their side. To keep the medicine in the ear, consider keeping a cotton ball on the ear for several minutes following application. For the eyes, apply some of the gel to a tissue and wipe the aloe vera on the eyelids. The burning should stop almost immediately.

Because the eyes and ears are so delicate, it is a good idea to check with your doctor first before using Aloe Vera. This is especially true if the issues are accompanied by other symptoms, which could signify a greater problem. If in doubt, call the doctor first. When used with the approval of your family physician, Aloe Vera can help keep your family happy and healthy.


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  1. David C. Sablan says

    I have developed cataract on my left eye to a point that I could not even read or see clearly from a distance. I have started juicing Aloe Vera, mix with other fresh fruits and vegetables (Papaya, Guava, Sour sop, lemon, Carrots and Celery) and I take it 3 x 6 Oz glasses a day, that was one week ago.

    I saw via YouTube about fresh Aloe Vera eye drop, but I was not too sure about applying it directly to the eye ball.

    I will start blending Aloe Vera to make “eye drop” and I will apply to my left eye 3 times daily.

    Thank you for the Aloe Vera confidence.



  2. Helen Lee says


  3. Nsikak Ekpo says

    I read your documentation about AlOE VERA how proactive it is as one of Ayurveda’s concoctions to some ailments in our bodies including EYES
    Can ALOE VERA remove or lesson FLOATERS and CLOUDY VISION that just came up suddenly without underlying sickness and painless ?
    Thanks a million.

  4. Jocelyn says

    Can anyone tell me if it is normal to have skin itchiness (especially around the eyes) after applying pure aloe gel topically. I do not have a rash, just somewhat bothersome itchiness. Worried I might be allergic. Great article btw.

  5. Ila says

    I have a catract in both eyes n due for right eyes can I use aloe activator as a drop to my use directly into eyes? Pl reply me as soon as possible.
    Thanks n waiting for your reply immediately

    • says

      If you have two cataracts, the best and only way is to see your ophthalmologist, preferably one that is a well-known surgeon of cataract surgery and ask his opinion. However I know that he will tell you that when you have a cataract, there are no eye drops that will treat it, so you are wasting your time and money buying eye drops or pills to treat it.
      A Cataract operation is a very simple and sure procedure, is done in less than 15 minutes and it is a safe operation,
      Best regards

  6. portia says

    A collegue suggested I should pour Aloe Vera gel directly on my eyeballs because they are always red. Is it safe?

  7. janak Raj Bhardwaj says

    I am using Alovera gel taken from home plant for whitening th eskin along with few quantity of honey , This changed the 40% colour of skin but I got some drops in my eye my eye portion white became 25% red , Now I am going to see Eye speslist . Is there ay suggession please share with me

  8. Adesanya babatunde says

    Whenever i’m on a system working. Between the next five mins My eyes will just get blurred… Can i use aloe vera.. To cure it by dropping it direct to my eyes… Hopping to hear from you soon.. Thanks inadvance

  9. awoleks says

    please, I have cataract in my both eyes and Am my vision used to blurred, pls, can I apply aloe vera gel to control my vision?

  10. Aijay says

    I find your article quite interesting, and i just want to share my few experience with using aloe Vera gel. I have been having eyelid bumps for quite sometime now. I became worried especially with the frequent occurrence. My visit to an ophthalmologist didn’t help much, as the condition persisted. Meanwhile, i had trashed my make up kit to prevent reinfection, and stopped using eye liners, and mascara but the condition was unabated. Worried and didn’t know what more to do, the thought came. I remembered that applying fresh aloe Vera gel on my face got rid of my pimples, and kept my skin smooth, and without any consultations, i decided to try it on my eyes and the result was amazing. The recurring eyelid bumps has reduced to the minimal. I didn’t only stop at the external application, i drop the gel right into the eyes. The itching i used to have has stopped. My vision has greatly improved and my eyes are very bright. I have decided to make the eye application a routine. At least once a week.

  11. Chinenye says

    My husband has cataract in his both eyes,and he has don operation in one eyes but stop he can not see with it and it is afecting d other are pls what will I do.Pls help me

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