Athlete’s Foot Fix: Get Rid of That Awful Itching and Burning with Aloe

These days we see so many products in the market with aloe vera labeled as an ingredient, be it soaps, creams, lotions, or cleaning products. One of the important things that you may have observed is that it is also mentioned as ‘soothing’. Is Aloe Vera, then, an effective home remedy? Does it really help get rid of that awful itching and burning due to problems such as athlete’s foot?

Aloe Vera and Athlete’s Foot. What’s the Connection?

Athlete’s foot is a common fungal infection which is found at the bottom of the feet and in between the toes. It usually develops due to dampness around the foot region. The infection is marked by red, flaking, and blistering skin which is usually swollen, burning, and painful, and may be itchy. There are various over-the-counter medicines as well as prescription medicines to treat athlete’s foot. However, it can be treated effectively and naturally with Aloe Vera with no side effects.

Amid its anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial properties, aloe vera has anti-fungal properties? Because aloe vera is commonly known in the skin care world for its moisturizing power, it gets pushed under the radar when it comes to athlete’s foot: a fungus that thrives in damp places. How could a plant that keeps you skin wet play any role in reducing or preventing a fungus that is usually remedied by drying out the affected area? The last thing your athlete’s foot would need is more moisture! I call shenanigans! But lo and behold, the aloe plant contains a protein in the aloe plant that prevents fungus from spreading, therefore giving it potential in controlling athlete’s foot. This magnificent protein, called 14 kDa, has been found to effect strains of the Candida family, among them C. paraprilosis, C. allbicans, and C. krusei. So retrain your associations. When you hear athlete’s foot, think aloe!

How To Treat Athlete’s Foot With Aloe Vera

First, it has to be confirmed whether the infection is actually athlete’s foot itself or something else that resembles it like eczema, dermatitis, or psoriasis. This can be done by consulting the doctor.

Once it is confirmed that the problem is, in fact, athlete’s foot, you can treat it using aloe vera. Aloe Vera gel can be mixed with tea tree oil to create an ointment. Apply it on the affected part at least twice a day until the infection subsides. The other method is to mix about four ounces of aloe vera gel with half a teaspoon of tea tree oil in a spray bottle and spray this on the affected part twice a day. Allow the feet to dry completely before anything, like footwear or socks, are worn. These natural ingredients, which are the tea tree oil and aloe gel, can be bought in any health food stores.

Can Aloe Vera Be Used To Prevent Athlete’s Foot?

The answer is yes, it can be. For people who have chronic athlete’s foot it is recommended that they try to prevent it by taking care using a few simple steps.

  • The skin has to be kept dry as far as possible, especially between the toes and other nooks and crannies where dampness may develop. This can be done by first washing the feet and then applying aloe powder on the feet, between the toes. This will help the fungus not to develop as it requires dampness to do so.
  • Do not use synthetic things on the foot like polyester socks. Always use cotton socks and change them often, at least once a day.
  • Do not wear very stuffy shoes. Try to use something that has some air circulation inside the feet.
  • Do not walk bare foot outside or in any public place.
  • Wash your socks often, especially with detergents that contain aloe vera. This will help to keep them clean and fresh.
  • At home, when the feet are at rest, apply aloe cream or ointment lightly to keep the skin soothed and infection free.
  • Keep your toe nails trimmed all the time so that there is no scope for dirt collection and, in turn, chances for an infection to develop.

This way athlete’s foot can be treated, as well as prevented effectively, using natural home remedies made from aloe vera in combination with other herbal and natural products and the awful itching and burning can be got rid of without too much hassle.

Aloe Vera Products for Athlete’s Foot

  • Aloe Vera is used as an herbal, home remedy in creams or gels, oils, powders, and liquids or lotions to treat various skin and bodily problems, including athlete’s foot.
  • Cream or Gel: As a cream or gel it is used to reduce and treat inflammations, infections of the skin, itches, acne, burns, as moisturizer, and for problems such as athlete’s foot, etc. It helps to fight the infections and soothe the skin.
  • Oil: As an oil, aloe vera is used to treat certain infections, to keep babies’ skin soft, treat hair loss, for body massages, etc.
  • Powder: Aloe Vera in powders makes it a soothing option for it to be used on the body by people who have sensitive skin. It can be used as a face powder effectively. It will prevent any irritation and act as a natural sun block too. It will help prevent athlete’s foot to a large extent.
  • Liquid or Lotion: Liquids and lotion forms of aloe vera are used, pretty much, for the same purposes as the cream. People, who may be allergic to certain types of lotion, may safely be able to use lotions or liquids with aloe vera as it is healing by nature.

So make your choice, and start getting rid of or preventing athlete’s foot today!

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  1. Magnetic Therapy says

    I’m very happy to find this! This is the type of information that needs to be given and not the misinformation that I see on other blogs! I appreciate you sharing, this is the best!

  2. Craig says

    It’s the tea tree oil that kills the fungus not the aloe. I can see the aloe being useful to help control the fast absorption of the oil. But you can clear athletes foot with tea tree oil alone.

  3. Glenn says

    Our son plays hockey 7 times a week and gets athletes foot every year. Medical ointments didn’t work, so we’ll give this a try…thanks.

  4. Jude Irwin says

    You say aloe Vera “can effect ” Candida infections. Wrong. “Effect” means “to cause or bring about” – just the opposite of what you intended to say. The word you need is “affect”, which means “to influence “.

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    This is sure a thing. We have lots of aloe plants and never had any idea that this can get rid of athletes foot. Now, I have the best idea ever how to treat my husband’s awful athletes foots. Thanks for the info.

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