Halitosis? HaliNOsis!: Getting Closer With Aloe

There’s no getting past it. Everyone has to deal with bad breath. Don’t lie to me and pretend that you wake up in the morning with breath smelling of roses. Liar. You know you have dragon breath. Make Aloe your friend.

There are different reason’s why you may have bad breath, also known as halitosis. It could be lack of oxygen flow (morning dragon breath), the foods you are eating, tonsil stones (which are gross and I will come back to them at another time), gum disease, or dry mouth (perhaps from antihistamines). Once you have identified the culprit, then you can find the cure. Think about it- mints and gum only mask the problem. They are not a cure, but Aloe Vera can help you get some relief.

There are some great benefits to using a natural home remedy. The ingredients used are things you know, are comfortable with, and can pronounce! Did you know that mouthwash that is commercially produced contains large amounts of alcohol? Did you know that alcohol can cause permanent bad breath if used for too long? It can dry out the mouth, reducing salivary production, and can cause digestiveproblems. Saliva is very important when it comes to fighting bad breath since it suppresses the bacteria that cause it. With digestion, if there is an imbalance between the good and bad bacteria in your system, bad breath will occur.

Using Aloe can help for a few reasons. It is a natural anti-fungal and antibacterial. It also helps to protect the sensitive tissue in the mouth. It will help to kill the bad bacteria as well as fight tooth decay. Also, it boosts the body’s ability to create collagen, which strengthens weak and swollen gums. If concocting your own Aloe remedies is too time-consuming, you can check out toothpastes or tooth-gels that have Aloe Vera in them. One I found is called Therabreath tooth-gel. It contains Aloe, and doesn’t have any sugar or alcohol. It also contains OXYD-8 which oxidizes the mouth, creating an environment where bacteria cannot stay or develop.

Another option would be to make some mouthwash! There are many variations on these recipes, but here are a few to start off with. Keep in mind, baking soda kills all the bacteria in the mouth and acts as a natural whitener. Glycerin acts as an antiseptic. Another helpful herb is parsley. You can either chew on the parsley or add it to any of the following concoctions. I’m going to start with a minty one.

  1. Take water, baking soda, glycerin, Aloe Vera gel, and mint. First, boil the water. Once it is bubbling, add the baking soda. when the solution cools, add the glycerin, Aloe Vera gel, and mint. Mix thoroughly and then filter before use.
  2. The same as before except with lemon instead of mint. You need to be careful with this one though, since the citric acid in the lemon will harm your tooth enamel.
  3. Add all the same ingredients as before but this time, keep the mint and add rosemary leaves and anise seeds. After all the herbs are added, the solution is boiled again and then filtered.

For more recipes, check out my article on sore throats.

Another way of using Aloe Vera to combat bad breath is to ingest it. Take a 1/4 cup of pure Aloe Vera gel and dissolve it in about 1/2 cup of water or apple juice. Drink this to soothe acid indigestion, which is a very common cause of bad breath. There are also supplements that you can take, but some are pricey and cannot be made at home. The anti inflammatory compound, B-sitosterol, found in Aloe will soothe the indigestion. Be wary because in larger doses, Aloe does work like a laxative.

So, whether you are looking to get a little closer to a special someone, gain some confidence when you talk to people, or cure a chronic problem, I hope this was able to help.

Check back later. There’s always more.


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    • says

      Hi Lora: you can drink aloe vera and water as often as you want – after you get through some introduction period, that is. Please, have in mind, that aloe vera will have a slightly loosening effect on your digestive system in the very beginning, once you start drinking it. So, start just with 2-4 oz (about 50-100 g) of aloe vera juice diluted with water once a day, and start increasing your portion gradually after a month or so. Best wishes!.. :-)

  1. Denise Stetler says

    Does it have to be water or apple juice; can you use other fruit juices? If your freezing the gel, how long will it keep in the freezer & do you just thaw it out to use or what? Can drinking aloe vera help with stomach problems, (like; constipation, poor digestion, etc). Any help or information will be greatly appreciated.

  2. M. Chapman says

    I have Aloe Verra Gel at home, and it says not to apply to the lips. Other places say that ingesting Aloe Verra Gel can be dangerous. Why is this so?

    Also, how does dissolving it in water make it safe?

    • Danielle Brown says

      Hi, Check out the article “Why, Oh Why Do Labels Warn You About Ingesting Aloe Vera Gel?” to read up on some of the reasons why taking aloe vera gel orally might be unsafe. You might also find the article “Aloe Juicing? What You Should Know” helpful!

  3. Lotus says

    Very good information and thank you. By the way, It’s true that people’s breath smells after waking up from their sleep in the morning, however, they can have good breath smell too if only they clean their teeth thoroughly the night before. ‘Thoroughly’ means getting every bit of food out of their teeth, gums, tongue and mouth.

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