How Can Aloe Help Treat Your Breakouts?

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Many people of all ages are plagued with acne. They search high and low for creams and gels to rid them of these bothersome breakouts, spending hundreds of dollars on products that don’t work. However, Aloe Vera, otherwise known as “The Wonder Plant” has been known to be quite effective for acne management. There are many Acne Aloe Vera products on the market today that can help heal and prevent skin problems that affect both teens and adults alike.

This amazing plant can be used as a topical cream, restoring inflamed skin. In fact, it has been known to heal scar tissue caused by added swelling. Aloe Vera Gel can improve and reduce scar tissue which is left on both the face and the upper back. Aloe Vera Treatments are all natural and consist of ingredients that stimulate new cell growth. This new growth allows scar tissue to heal. Another great thing about Aloe Vera is that it’s inexpensive and simple to use. The best way to understand the treatment of acne is to understand exactly what it is and how it affects people. Then we can see how various Aloe Vera products can help.

What is Acne?

Acne is caused by the over production of oil in the skin. This plugs our pores and causes outbreaks which are known as pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, nodules, cysts and that ever popular word “zits”. Teenagers are more commonly affected by acne. However, it can affect adults ages 20-40 as well. After the age of 40, your chances of getting acne may decrease due to decreased hormone levels (but, as discussed below, that is not always the case).

But acne is more than just those bumps on your skin. There are many other symptoms associated with acne (all of which aloe can relieve and reduce, by the way):

  • reddness
  • itchiness
  • pain
  • inflammation

So, when you are treating your acne skin problem, you want to treat all the symptoms! Those scars acne can leave behind on your skin? Those are also something you want to consider when picking out an acne skincare regimen. (Hint: Think aloe.)

Is Acne Common?

There are millions around the world who suffer from acne. In fact, about 85% of those people are between 12 and 24. Both men and women suffer. However, young men tend to suffer longer due to the fact that testosterone can actually make it worse. And if you still have those pimples popping up well into adulthood (I’m even talking 40s and 50s here), don’t you worry. Often stigmatized as a teenager problem, acne can however persist long into adulthood. Acne is a common problem among teenagers and adults. The idea that you outgrow those breakouts is a myth for some people–everybody’s hormones are different!

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What Causes Acne?

The cause of acne is not known. However, many believe that several factors can result in acne breakouts. Mainly, because of increased hormones called androgens. Both males and females have these. Androgens cause oil glands to grow and produce extra oil. As the oil thickens, it turns into this white substance known as sebum. As the oil production increases, your pores become clogged and bacteria forms causing pimples to develop. Many researchers believe acne is a genetic trait.

How Does Aloe Help?

Aloe Vera is kind of like natural bleach. When it is applied to the acne scars, they begin to reduce in size and eventually vanish. Aloe Vera solutions can be made with aloe vera juice and an aloe aera gel. These make excellent home remedies for both acne and other scars. Aloe can penetrate down to about seven layers of body tissue, helping eliminate scarring as well as reduce acne symptoms, and has proven quite effective by researchers. Researchers have found that even fresh squeezed aloe vera gel can create a protective coat on the skin. This speeds up the healing process, cuts down on inflammation and swelling and relieves pain.

Kits Containing Aloe Vera:

• Lexli’s Aloe Vera Kit: The Lexli Aloe Vera Kit comes with a Renewing Exfoliate made with Aloe and Vitamin C.

• Epicuren Aloe Vera Gel: This gel heals and moisturizes. It’s perfect for extremely sensitive skin. It does have non-irritating properties perfect for both oily and dry skin.

• Epicuren Aloe Vera Scrub, Mist and Soap also work well for clearing up acne. All also made for sensitive skin.

• Body Washes: There are many body washes that contain aloe, especially for men.

• Oil of Olay: Oil of Olay has products with Aloe in them, like soaps and lotions. Just do some research the next time you go to the store to purchase your facial cleanser. Make sure you read the ingredients to see if there is Aloe in it or not. Also, you can check online for acne kits with Aloe Vera in them.

DIY Acne Kit, or Using Fresh Aloe:

First, buy your own Aloe Vera Plant and cut open the succulent stem. Inside you’ll find the gel. To properly use this gel, apply it topically after you’ve washed your skin. Aloe Vera is generally safe to use. For those with extremely sensitive skin, you may feel some tingling sensations or mild inching. Many companies may not have found the answer to acne control or prevention, but luckily nature has. You can apply the Aloe Vera Gel or drink Aloe Vera Juice. There aren’t many side effects to Aloe Vera either, except of course if you overuse it orally. If you begin to experience anything abnormal, it’s important to speak to your doctor immediately.

Aloe Vera is a natural and healthy way of effectively reducing acne with little or no side effects especially if taken naturally. There are fewer side effects if you take it for longer periods of time. Aloe has antioxidants which fight free radicals floating in our bodies. With it, we can maintain healthy beautiful skin free from blemishes.

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  1. work pants men says

    Greetings. I was doing some surfing and came upon this blog. I started reading and it is incredible. II find it to be genuinely useful and thorough on the subject. I added it to my feed, thank you!

  2. keegan says

    My acne is really bad i get not girls becoz of it and not popular anymore like i use to be without it ,,so Ive heard of it now and i hope it works ,,ill. Give feed back within a few weeks

  3. Supriya Bajpayee says

    Yeah Aloe is very good for health.I am using it from just 3 days and happy to see my pimples are lesser than before and yes there is a glow in my face which is visible……

  4. says

    Aloe Vera for me is the savior of my face :)

    Im using safeguard aloe Vera .. For almost 2 weeks but the result is so good :) and positive hehe..

    Subukan niyo mga pre aloe vera soap

  5. Adrienne says

    Hi. I am glad I came across this. It is hard to deal with acne. I get so fustrated sometimes. I think the products that are used for treatment of acne are too harsh. My skin gets dryed out and irritated from using them. It gets oily, then I breakout, use treatments and see some improvement, then get dry and irritated, later skin gets oily again. Lines often have 3 or 4 products to use together. It is to much. I am using a perscription grade cleanser for acne now with glycerin and it isn’t to drying. But have choosen not to use the other products so as not to irritate my skin. The “toner” had alcohol in it. I wash my face in the morning and night. I apply aloe vera gel after I wash. I am seeing some improvement.

  6. Mrs. Bieber says

    Im very glad that I came across this site, I do not have bad acne but i get the occasional zits around my nose area, and it is very irratating. I will try this and I am really hoping to see some results after trying this. Thank you so much for the great tip!

  7. says

    I have pimples on my face and try using some acne products but sadly my pimples are still there so I’m gonna use aloe Vera.
    I’m really hoping that this will work! After using this for this weeks!! So good luck to me! ☺

  8. dawn says

    I tried it tonight on a blemish… within a few hours, redness and bump was almost gone. Night time regime will now be putting a light coat on my face before bed time. I keep my trimmed aloe in the fridge s its very refreshing!

  9. says


    I am always using aloe vera gel when making DIY skincare recipes. I sometimes use aloe vera gel alone as a face mask. The benefits of aloe vera are pretty impressive not only for skin care but also hair care and body care.

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