Is Aloe the Soothing Solution for Your Eczema?

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Eczema is a condition which affects people of all shapes and sizes. Unfortunately for those affected, there is a lot of misinformation about what causes eczema, and most importantly, how to get rid of eczema. Those affected by this debilitating condition do not have the time or the energy to go through solutions that have been proven not to work. You have come to the right place if you are looking to truly solve your problems with eczema, as we will go over not only the causes and true nature of the condition, but how to get rid of it using a completely natural solution, aloe vera or aloe vera solutions.

What causes eczema?

In order to understand how to cure a condition, it is necessary to understand what causes it. Eczema, according to many reputable studies that have been done recently, is the result of an immune system that simply does not work. Eczema starts with weak skin, but this is the core of the problem. When a person affected by eczema comes in contact with the many allergens and pathogens that we are surrounded by every day, these compounds break through the weakened skin and affect an eczema patient much more deeply than it would someone without this condition.

Eczema is also caused by sudden temperature changes, stress, and poor nutrition. However, eczema is centered in the weakened immune system, which is a large reason why many young children and babies have it, cause their immune systems have not been completely developed.

What Does NOT Cure Eczema.

Many doctors mistakenly tell their eczema patients that there is no cure for eczema, simply because there is no prescription drug which skewers the condition. However, what these doctors fail to realize is that most drugs are geared towards bolstering the immune system. For most diseases, is the immune system which gets rid of the invading sell, not the prescription drug itself. Since eczema patients do not have a normal functioning in the system, prescription drugs, by definition, will not help.

Because the problem of eczema is centered in an abnormally functioning immune system, the only way to cure eczema is to strengthen the immune system of the patient as much as possible.

Eczema patients can also enjoy short term relief from some symptoms if they are able to strengthen the skin barrier between their body and the allergens which promote symptomatic behaviors. However, healing the skin alone will not cure eczema, and any skin treatment must be bolstered by treatment which will directly strengthen the immune system.

Aloe vera: The Natural Cure For Eczema.

Eczema is a condition that requires a cure both inside and out, and the one compound that has been shown to reduce eczema symptoms both on the skin and in the immune system is the herb aloe vera.

Leading scientists around the world have thoroughly tested aloe vera for its healing properties both in and outside the body. They have found that the plant has the ability to both give a bolstering effect to the immune system and to help heal epithelial tissues. As aloe vera comes in many forms that can be both applied topically and ingested, it is wise to use the herb in both ways, and to find a healing program that recognizes both the inner and outer causes of eczema and addresses both issues.

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Aloe vera can be applied topically to reduce inflammation, swelling, and itching on the skin in the form of a cream, shampoo, gel, or lotion. Different products have different concentrations of actual aloe vera in them, so patients are forewarned to check any treatment that they use to determine how much actual pure aloe vera they are getting.

Fruit of the Earth aloe vera is a well reviewed product which contains mostly pure aloe vera and has been shown to work for many different types of eczema. Lily of the Desert is another gel that has been shown time and again to have positive effects on the skin, reducing and even eliminating eczema symptoms for many patients who use it.

Whatever aloe vera cream or gel you choose, most programs recommend applying it after washing gently over the affected area of skin with a gentle soap. If at all possible, eczema patients should bathe without soap, or with a cleanser that does not include soap, like an oatmeal bath. At all times, lukewarm water should be used.

As for aloe vera products which can be taken internally, there are many options for the eczema patient. Aloe vera comes in pill form, as a juice, as a concentrated medication similar to a liquid antihistamine, and a few other forms. However you choose to ingest your aloe vera, remember simply that the same rules apply as for topical aloe vera: check the product to make sure that you are getting as much pure aloe vera as possible. Aloe vera should be ingested with a balanced, nutritious diet full of omega-3 supplements, and make sure to avoid a foods which are known to cause allergic reactions in eczema patients, like eggs, wheat, and dairy foods.

One of the most effective aloe vera based pills is Aloeride, which has been shown to be not only one of the most versatile solutions for eczema, but also one of the most comprehensively effective. It has been shown to treat acne, have positive effects on the heart, boost the immune system, is digestion, and even reduce the effects of Crohn’s disease and irritable bowel syndrome.

Of course, if you are able to find the purest of aloe vera treatments, namely, freshly cut aloe, you will undoubtedly be privy to the best results. Freshly cut aloe can be applied topically, and as it is aloe vera in its purest form with no preservatives or adding ingredients, be eczema patient will get the full effect of the herb. Freshly cut aloe vera is shown to reduce and eliminate symptoms for the longest period of time, much longer than any manufactured product.

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  1. Free Ipod Music says

    Excellent article. I like any kind of beauty associated info, particularly something associated by means of skin care remedy etc .. very academic, many thanks!

    • Greg L. says

      The worst thing that you can do for eczema in adults is to strengthen/stimulate the immune system. Sever adult eczema is often autoimmune in nature. Immune SUPPRESSANTS – like prednisone — are prescribed. Immune modulators calm down an overactive immune system that is attacking the skin. Omega 3′s which calm down the immune system are also helpful.

      It seems to me that Aloe Vera — which stimulates, rather than calms down the immune system — would be a very bad thing to put on the skin or to take internally if you are an adult with eczema.

      • brenkgirl says

        Sometimes autoimmune diseases are a result of compromised immune system. People have found relief in their autoimmune symptoms by strengthening their immune systems, Some have even claimed to be cured.

        Severe adult eczema has been cured in many cases (or at least 90% cleared) just by the change in ones diet. They choose to eliminate processed foods and eat healthier, which strengthens their digestive system, which in turn, strengthens the immune system.

      • Allison says

        bad While it may “seem bad” to you, the proof is in the pudding. After 10 years with eczema called prurigo nodularis, which is considered incurable, the only relief I had was when I ate, drank and soothed my skin with aloe vera. When they say “stimulated” I believe they mean stimulate the immune system to do its job. After all, look at the aloe plant surviving in the desert!

        My skin feels like a sandstorm hit it in the desert until I use aloe. I used prednisone when a very uneducated nurse suggested it and it made me 10 times worse. Don’t go there! That is all I can say…

        • Allison says

          Oh, I forgot to add that I thought that once I took aloe, it should have lasting effects, because I wanted to say Hallellujah, I am done, but no, it does not work like that. IF you have eczema, get use to adding fresh aloe to your yogurt milk shakes with strawberries. We are fortunate that in Georgia we can buy aloe year round at the Food Depot. Sometimes I don’t have time, so I appreciate the names of the best products given above. Thanks!

          I feel like a weirdo buying aloe, but I feel weirder walking around with nodules all over my face. Good luck to all you eczema sufferers. I pray you make time for your skin regime. You cannot afford to ignore it!

  2. n0va59 says

    I have been using aloe (from the plant) for many, many, years as a treatment for minor burns. Recently I had a very bad cold sore outbreak…I tried 4 different “over the counter” remidies to no availe.They didn’t even diminish the cold sore. So I decided to try the aloe…omg within 2 days of applying the gel (straight from the plant) the entire cold sore was gone…not just better, it was gone.
    In the past year I have developed exema on my lower left leg and the back of my neck. The spot on my neck cleared up on it’s own however the leg got much worse and was spreading rapidly. I decided to try the aloe…gues what…3 days…it was gone…
    Aloe is a magical plant. I really want to try ingesting it but the taste is very bitter…I will have to aquire a taste I guess.
    One more thing I bought my small little aloe plant about 5yrs ago as a very small lant. I believe I paid $2.99 for it. The original plant is now over four feet high and has produced two babies so far..what’s not to love about this plant…everybody should have and use aloe…simply because it works.

  3. brittany says

    I’ve had Eczema for ten years, and I could not find a cure for it .
    But finally I went to my grandmothers ranch and she saw my skin .
    she took me outside and showed me this plant ,She cut it and split it open then she applied it to the Eczema it felt really good .
    She told me to apply it eveyday ,
    so I took some home and I did what she told me to .
    Day by day i’ve noticed it was fadeing away ,
    A few months later it was completely GONE !
    soo i am just saying that you should really use this it HELPS !(:
    TRUST ME !

    • Desiree says

      Just wondering of the severity of your eczema??? My 5 yo has eczema and we have been seeing specialist and no one has an answer for me to help her. Her cover her ENTIRE body and she can’t stop scratching. I can just cry for her. It literally breaks my heart. I am determined to find her something to just help her a little. She is already starting to get teased at school about how ugly she is bc of her skin. It is on her head, eye kids, and covers her body down to her ankles. I’ve tried extra virgin olive oil bc I can’t stand using steroid creams, but unfortunately it is the only thing that gives her any relief. It burns her to put it on, but it works the best. I really want the coconut oil to work as its natural, but feel the need to use steroid creams as she scratches in her sleep non stop and at school, she plays soccer and it inflames from the grass and sweating. I want her to continue her sports that she loves! Everywhere we go people comment about her skin. Did you have eczema severely? Do you just use the meat of the aloe or a store bought out of the bottle version? Thank you. Any insight you have will be appreciated by the desperate mom looking for advise and answers for her 5 year old that is totally miserable!

      • Estelle says

        Hi Desiree ! I had exczema since I was 1 year old until my 17 years old. Then it stopped suddenly. Curiously, now that I am 26 years old, it seems to come back.

        This time I decided to really look for a solution. So I applied almond oil and a cream for exczema which is naturally (different oil and aloe vera).

        I just start to use aloe vera gel (the lily of the desert) today so I cannot really say what the result will be but Insha’Allah it will stop.

        Last thing to help your child not to scratch, from my experience, cotton clothes covering totally her body (no access to the skin to scratch) will help her during the night. Try to also bring her to swim in the sea, it really helped me too.

        Courage !

      • Alison says

        My daughter has been on Skin Salveation’s laundry powder, soap, shampoo and moisturiser for 11 years and they are the only products that have worked to manage her eczema. We use hydrocortisone for really bad flare ups. Their website is at They are a UK firm and are very helpful if you want to contact them.
        Hope this info is helpful to you and your daughter XX

      • Gloria says

        I got eczema on the inside of my elbows last summer, and it went away over the winter, probably because my arms were covered. This year it came back with a fury. The itch was intolerable, and it was not a pretty sight. I happened to have an aloe plant, and cut a leaf off, squeezed some the pulp out onto my arm, rubbed it in…. it felt so good. Kept it in the fridge, and applied it about 2 to 3 times a day. And the beauty of keeping it in the fridge, it’s so cool on the skin when applied.
        I started doing this two weeks ago and it no longer itches and almost gone.
        All the garden departments in the large stores carry them, and they’re not expensive.
        Good luck

      • says

        Desiree, my heart goes out to you and your daughter. I have suffered with eczema my whole life, since a baby. It comes and goes, but a couple of weeks ago it flared up worse than I’ve ever had it! This time it’s on both hands, some fingers, arms in spots and ankles in spots. I live in Florida and have been in the pool a lot, and it’s possible the chlorine aggravated it. Anyway, I have been reading and researching different natural solutions. I am trying to stay away from the cortisone products until totally desperate (and believe me, I’m close)! Anyway, the last few days the itching has been awful, I started scratching and you know that only makes it much worse. Yesterday I read that apple cider vinegar can help with the itching, so I put some on with a cotton ball. It stung at first, but then helped a little, but some of the spots still itched. On the same site I looked at, it mentioned aloe vera gel. Well, we have a plant outside (this is Florida after all) and my husband said let’s try it. He cut one stalk off the plant, then cut it lengthwise in half and scooped out the aloe. Later we put it in a covered bowl in the refrigerator. Well, all I can tell you is this is the ONLY thing that immediately, after rubbing on my different spots, worked! And worked fast! I mean in a few minutes the itching was gone! I could not believe this! So today I am putting the aloe all over my eczema and hoping this will help take it away. I had also tried making a baking powder paste with water, and it did help with the itching, but nowhere near as good as pure aloe! So please try this on your daughter, it is amazing!! And Good Luck!

      • leanne says

        I hav had eczema since I was 3 nothing cleared it up I used be covered too. always covered up bc I was bullied alot too. Im now 29 and aloe vera iv been using for a yr now it does help hasn’t yet cleared it as I think my diet doesnt help. I normally apply after a bath n helps but the itching is still there so I also use epaderm cream wen my skin dries as often as possible too it flakes the dry skin n smoothes the under layer too. Dont cover up the skin as much air as possible. cotton clothes dont irritate my skin as much as others too. Hope this helps I remember how hard it was for my mum and eczema wasnt as Popular then either less creams to try. Really feel for you and of corse ur little lady. :-) x

      • Krithi says

        Hi ,

        My 5 yr old son has been suffering from acute eczema ( on face).It is extremely itchy and,dry.I cover his hands in the night but nothing helps as he rubs his face so badly that it bleeds every night.
        I’ve seen many doctors ,specialists but nothing helps.None of the creams or antihistamines are helping him.
        Please help.

      • karen says

        My son is 6 and is being bullied by a student for the eczema on his hands, as he was telling me I tried my best to hold my tears, he thinks he will be ugly when he grows up and that everyone will make fun of him. I am going today and will start applying this plant, it help me when I had a fungal infection on my tight. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner.

      • SS says

        Hi Desiree, I have a 15 month old who has been having eczema flare ups. I didn’t want to use the steroidal creams because, based on what i heard, it only keeps coming back. I tried a variety of natural solutions – Sesame oil, castor oil, coconut oil, palm oil, crisco shortening, argan oil, olive oil, neem oil, mustard oil- but it didn’t help the eczema much. Couple of weeks back, his eczema went from bad to worse that he had scratch marks and his skin broke due to his scratching. Finally, I found a product while reading reviews for something else on amazon. Its called Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Nipple Butter. I was desperate to cautiously try anything.It had an almost instant effect. Now, they claim this to be natural, but I don’t know how much of it is without preservatives. Do your own diligence. For me, it has been a big relief. However, at around $12 for 2 Oz, it is an expensive option for me. But, I’m doing it for now. I also read many negative reviews of the quality of product for orders online, so make sure you buy from a store you can return it to in case the stuff is bad. Read the amazon reviews for this product first. I do not have any relationship with the makers or sellers of this product, but I understand the pain and agony as a caring parent. It took me 15 months to find something that made my son’s skin really feel like baby skin. I hope this will work for you. Good luck. If this works, let me know :)

        Also, I recently brought home some fresh aloe leaves and extracted the gel. I am going to try that now.

      • says

        It’s all in the gut flora . Take probiotics every day . Test her hit flora and if she is able to produce a good stool like a banana everyday, she will have a clear skin. Healthy diet to cure leaky gut is the key to heal skin. Don’t over eat. No meat, sugar, processed food. It’s hard but do it for three months then continue until it all clears. Never ever use stetoid. It’s a poison after all. You need to target the real cause. Again, it has to do with bad digestive system. Stick to vegetables fresh and cooked and let her be able to produce a very healthy stool. Aim for that. I exactly know what’s she’s going through but she will get better with a proper healthy diet. Get rid of artificial detergents, soaps. Go organic and natural products as much as you can. Eat only 80% full so the stomach doesn’t feel bloated. She needs to be able to digest well by chewing many tubes and by not over eating. You can do it!! It takes time but eczema is an illness caused by bad stomach flora.

      • eva says

        hi, I am just seeing your comment about your child. hope her condition got better as this is already little while back you post it..
        I am absolutely feeling with you. My girl suffers from eczema too since she was 6 months. she is 3 and a bit now and when when her eczema worsen very even more about year ago and the only solution GP suggested was to give her stronger steroids this was alert for me. Researches about natural way how to help my girl became my life. I started mixing up my own creams ( there has been reaction to most of the stuff I have used but finally I got the right combination about 7 weeks ago!!), reading about food allergies,…. While looking into natural remedies I have found Dr AXE website and I think this changed our life. Not only my girl’s but of us all. Pls check it if your little girl still suffer from this horrible condition.
        together with his advice and my made up cream we are about 6 weeks steroids free! my girl skin was extremely dry and as much as I love aloe ( I have about 8 good sized plants and prob 40 babies) it doesn’t help her much when applied over the itching spots.( Today it actually made it worse) . Shea butter proven to be the most beneficial for her mixed with chickweed oil( get it all from amazon). I also add little bit of bee wax. You could add some coconut oil but my little girl used to react to it in the past. Hope you or someone would find this useful. Wishing you all the best.

    • Suba says

      I have mild eczema around my neck area and the chest.i live in a tropical country which is Sri lanka…. my wedding is due on september and i cry everyday cause i see no improvemet what so ever but i feel like its spreading. I ve been to several doctors and the last one preclscribed me betamethasone 0.5mg tablets along with beprosone ointment and foban sister asked me put on aloe gel when ever the skin get dries… please tell me will aloe gel help me?? I m crying day and night… anybody please email me..i want to be better to my wedding…. i m 31years old female…..please god help me! Please do email

      • Milagro says

        Fresh aloe Vera gel. Use it diligently at least twice a day. It works. Try the fresh leaves. Read. About it. There is plenty of information already online as to how to use it. Read the previous comments. My son’s skin is clearing up and we have tried so many creams and so is one of my friends who is also using it. I get the aloe leaf at a Mexican market as I live in Kansas and the winter kills the aloe plant. Good luck to you.

  4. vanessa says

    Desiree my daughter is 4 & my son is 2. They also have severe ecxema. My son more then my daughter. But my daughters also comes with asthma. I use aloe vera in the form of a plant leaf. I buy the leaf itself at a spanish store nearby. I cut it open & apply directly to thier skin. It takes away the rash & provides relief from itching & discomfort. My 4 yr old bugs me every few hours to put it on her. She says it feels so good lol. I hope this helps you. I know how hard it is as a mother to see your child suffer from something so uncomortable. Goodluck.

    • Surya says

      I want to try this. Isn’t the gel sticky on their skin, and gets ‘stuck’ to everything they touch? Do you blend it with anything else?

      • Patrick says

        no ma’am just get the gel of the leaves much better put it in a container and put it in the ref…
        the gel is not sticky its just like a water that melts in the skin

    • says

      Please check the kids’ stomach flora. When they have a good guy flora, eczema and asthma will clear. Please google about investing aloe Vera. It also seems to have carcinogen elements when ingested. Be carful.

      • Sara says


        Can you please let me now how we can test stomach or gut flora for kids. I live in Maryland and my son is suffering from severe eczema from 5 years and he is 15 now in 10th grade. His skin is so bad and he goes to school with it . He is Vegan. No outside food. only cooked rice , black beans and boiled vegetables. Tried everything nothing helped. Now thinking on his gut health .
        Please also suggest some good digestive enzyme and probiotics for his gut.

        God bless

  5. Paul says

    I have had eczema for 42 years. I have had the internet for about 20. It was only a month ago, I put the two together and saw all the sites suggesting Aloe Vera.

    I bought some Aloe Vera Gel from the local Health store – and within a few days the results were incredible. My whole body feels to have strengthened. It is now smooth and no longer dry. The open sores have nearly cleared and this weekend I am joining my three boys in the swimming pool for the first time ever.

    I had a prior appointment booked for the dermatologist for next month and I am just going to slap these products down on the table and tell him how they have completed turn things around. Last year I had six months UV Treatment and daily applications of steroids and moisturisers.

    I know Aloe Vera does not work for everyone, but wanted to share the fact that it is working for me. I hope it continues.

    • Dette Miguel says

      Hi, did aloe vera pulp from the plant work even for weeping eczema? I tried ointments from my derma and only worked for a few days. I tried apple cider vinegar and honey but it got worse. How many days of using aloe vera to clear eczema? Thanks.

  6. ross says

    I’ve had exzema for 51 years, my perants were both doctors and ment well but onley offered the standard western medical “solution” cortico steroid cream. I think the cream has its place in a collection of manny ways to aproach treating exzema, but the medical profession denighed me every other option for manny years. In my twenties I had to face giving up my passion and career as a glassblower because the skin on my hands would split open and bleed. The specialist dermatolagist I saw could onley offer me a stronger version of the same cream I already had. Notably he did’nt make one single enquire about my diet, soaps, detergents, exposure to allargens or anny referance to annything else that might have helped me in anny way. He did however offer that I might learn to put up with it. (seriousley that’s what he said after a specialist degree of at least seven years study) Aulthough I’ve learnt since to look after myself I still get flair ups usually in hot weather. After a week of nasty rash I tried rubbing a slurry of baking soda on in a luke warm shower and was amaised at how much it setteled down, the redness went the itchiness disapeared and next morning things were looking much moor heald over. I will try aloe vera strait from the plant, it sounds great and I’ve heard reported that hemp oil is verry effective on nearly all skin ailments including exzema. For those interested search youtube “Run from the cure” by Rick Simpson, it’s quite an eye opaner.

  7. says

    I used the gel from an aloe vera leaf regularly to help the itch, and sores that I used to have when my hand eczema was very bad. It definitely helps. It is a useful plant to have in your home. Nowadays even though my eczema rarely troubles me, I still use it now and again as a natural moisturiser – which is so important for dry eczema prone skins.

    My grandfather used it to treat gout type sores on his feet.

  8. says

    I love aloe vera juice of gel for sunburn treatment, and
    I also believe it is makes a great skin protector for use after shaving or
    on dry patches of skin. There are 1000s of companies available in the market manufacturing aloe skin products.
    Beside that using natural aloe vera is also very promising.

  9. Starr says

    I’ve just recently began using Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Gel to stop the itching resulting from eczema and wished I had used it early on. It not has stop the itch but is clearing up the eczema on my legs.

  10. philippah says

    I jux started the treatment for my eczema using the aloe vera gel. And am hoping to come back here to give positive comments.

  11. sam says

    After putting aloe vera on the skin, I had put lotion on her skin, but it hurt her and she was crying, I don’t want to see that again, so I was wondering if I should not put lotion on her after putting aloe or just mixing it with the lotion? or is there any other way?

  12. says

    I have eczema on my lower legs since. 1992.tried every got worse every time. I just wanted to know if any one out there who can help me?I started to apply aloe jell from the plant today and will have to see how it goes. You have a great web site and information. My doctor told me to see a dermatologist and they told me to see an allergy specialist.I lost all respect to the modern medicine. The other day my husband cut his finger and blood was pouring down since he is on blood thinners.I applied the aloe jell and with in seconds it stopped bleeding. If this can help someone I will be happy.

  13. allie says

    I’m 20 years old and have suffered with eczema for as long as I can remember. Recently my eczema itching and anxiety have become related, leaving me stress scratching in my sleep and my skin has been incredibly sore and allergenic. When I was at a chemist lately I saw aloe vera gel on sale and remembered my mother treating my itch with the cooling gel. I bought it with the hope that it would at least stop the inflammation and incredible itchiness and irritation but overnight it had cleared my skin too. I’m so happy to have rediscovered it!

  14. okcool says

    Aloe doesn’t work for me. I’m 20 years old and I’ve have eczema since I can remember. The only thing that “works” for me is time. My eczema comes and goes. The aloe I use on my face and it helps my acne, so it may depend. But it drys really quickly on my skin and makes the skin drier than it was before i added the aloe

  15. marco says

    i am 17(male) and i have just started using the aloe vera gel straight from the plant, the eczema on my leg has rapidly spread over the past 2 months and has left scaring where healed and also dark spots.i really hope that the aloe vera gel will remove the scaring and lighten the dark spots

  16. prissy says

    I been dealing with eczama for so long .. I’m 18 years old and a Jr in highschool this condition make me miss a lot of school .I had to stop playing basketball because of it .I cry every morning because it hurts when I move . I have it all over my body . I dislike when doctors send me to other doctors then they send me to other ones . some times I get up set to see other girls wear shorts in school but I can’t . no one really tease be bout my skin . but they ask a lot of questions which is Aggy .. I just need some thing that can calm my itching or to heal faster … Please helppp!!!!

  17. Cynda says

    Thank you for letting me know that Eczema -can- be healed from the inside out. I have been taking allergy shots for Inhalants and using some hydroxyzine which help. I am prone to acute eczema, so I’m looking a more permanent solution. I have some aloe in my backyard. I use it when I burn my skin. I just breAK off leaves, break in the leaves with my fingers, and apply to where my skin hurts. Can be done while taking dogs out to do their duty. Easy. And why I never thought about aloe and Eczema before, I just can’t say.
    Where I live in South Texas, the stuff will grow if given half a chance, so I have all the aloe I can possibly need in my and my friends and family’s yards,
    And to hear that -ingesting- aloe sounds like a divine answer. I will definitely be buying some product for my insides as I do not want to bother in making digestible and safe aloe medicine.
    Thanks, Thanks. Thanks.

  18. Krithi says

    Hi ,

    My 5 yr old son has been suffering from acute eczema ( on face).It is extremely itchy and,dry.I cover his hands in the night but nothing helps as he rubs his face so badly that it bleeds every night.
    I’ve seen many doctors ,specialists but nothing helps.None of the creams or antihistamines are helping him.
    Please help.

  19. steven h says

    At 44 years old, I would still get excema on face, I have tried everything, and some thing work but somethings do not. For the last 3 months, I have been using the Made From Earth “Pure Aloe Vera Treatment” and yes. unbelievably it helped tremendously! I could not believe it. I threw away all my other creams and lotions. You can do it also – just keep trying things until you find the right product for you.

  20. pearly says

    After pregnancy/giving birth I was always end up having Hemmroids. I would always have pain & trouble for a bowel movement In the bathroom. Doctors prescribed ointments but only helped a little. When a friend of mine, who was a pharmacists, recommended Aloe Vera Juice(sugar free). Tried it & I was completely healed & no more pain when going for a bowel movement!

    Also, Aloe Vera is a fast healing plant or product to heal burns! Healed when my son when burned his whole hand.

  21. trig says

    I suffer from bad eczema that can spread to my face and is unbearably itchy and sore. I noticed an improvement after just one application of Made from Earth Pure Aloe Vera cream – and I have also use this as an overnight moisturiser for my face which worked wonderfully for the eczema. So if you suffer from dry skin like I do, I wholeheartedly recommend it.

  22. says

    I think what’s important is to know that eczema is caused by a bad gut flora. That’s it and it’s not easy to fix the gut flora but by patience and following a right diet, you can clear the eczema. Google leaky gut and eczema, but I personally feel bone broth to heal guys is too difficult as animal based protein is hard to digest.

    The slippery elm tea and eat less to give less stress to the digestive system and eat fresh organic food. You can heal the stomach and guts and the skin will follow. I replied a lot to several comments and sorry for many typos!!

    Take probiotics, digestive enzyme and chew 100 times before swallowing the food. Aim to produce a really good stool like a banana and if you can do it everyday, you will have a clear skin.

  23. Pooja says

    I just wanted to mention my experience after going through this info. I have a daughter who is now 4 and half years old.When my daughter was a month old she developed rashes on her face.It was the peak of winters.Seeing the rashes we took her to a pediatrician who prescribed her a set of ointments like mometasone. At that time being a new mother my only intention was to get rid of her we applied her the ointment without giving a thought on the medicines. and the rashes vanished.We were happy.but the rashes started appearing again on her legs and hands.The doctor said that my child was suffering from atopic dermatitis and the solution is to apply the cream .This continued till she was 3 yrs old.Then my daughter was diagnosed with a Ovarian cyst.This shook our world.From that day on i stopped using the steroid creams which the doctors has been giving her.I do not intend to say that the cyst was the reason of applying steroids.But i did not want to take a chance.Last week my daughter had a serious attack of this atopic dermatitis.Her rashes increased which urged her to scratch it and it bled all the time.I just happened to go through your info about aloevera.From that day on i started applying aloevera gel from fresh leaves on her skin.I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. My daughters rashes got controlled and shes better now.i am appying it 3/4 times a day so that she doesnt have the itchiness.This is my experience and you can 100% believe about aloeveras medicinal uses regarding atopic skin.

  24. Emilia Ganeva says

    I bought foderma serum for my husband who has severe eczema nothing has worked over the counter or prescribed. After much research I bought foderma for him he used per directions (number of weeks). It cleared up…foderma is definitely the best product he has ever used and he continues to use. YEAH!!!

  25. Jenny says

    Like you all my two year baby girl is suffering from eczema. Im determine to try aloe I have the plant but never thought about it. can someone please tell me how I can make the fresh juice for her myself, since I have a big pot of aloe but never using it. She will not stop scratching during the day especially Seychelles is a really hot country.

  26. Samantha says

    My 5 yr old daughter broke out in crazy eczema and foderma serum along with coconut oil are the only ones that seem to help and it doesn’t hurt her. We are both very sensitive to scent and this is so mild I hardly notice it


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