Reduce Wrinkles and Rejuvenate with Aloe

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As we age, the skin loses much of its youthful appearance and elasticity. Years of too much sun, unhealthy food choices, and exposure to the elements can certainly take its toll. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean that people have to live with the damage they’ve done to their skin. It’s never too late to begin nourishing and repairing the skin back to a more youthful appearance. Aloe vera is a substance, derived from the aloe plant, that is wonderful for the skin. For thousands of years, aloe has been used to sooth and moisturize the skin, diminish the appearance of scars, and restore the skin to great health. Aloe is a natural way for people to get rid of their wrinkles, improve the elasticity of their skin, and get back their youthful glow.

Four Ways Aloe Rejuvenates the Skin:

1. Aloe supports the regeneration of fibroblast cells.

The skin contains a certain kind of cell, called fibroblast cells, that produce collagen. As a person’s ages, their skin will produce less fibroblast cells, and therefore less collagen. This will lead to wrinkles, saggy skin, and an aged appearance. Aloe helps the skin increase the amount of fibroblast cells that it produces. While many products claim to contain collagen, aloe will actually help the skin produce more natural collagen. Anyone who notices that their skin has become less elastic will greatly benefit from introducing aloe into their beauty regimen.

2. Aloe provides the skin with important vitamins and minerals.

If you look at the ingredients listed in expensive anti-aging products, you’ll notice that there are numerous vitamins and minerals. Aloe contains more than 200 nutrients and active ingredients, many of which can be found in high end products. The vitamins that aloe provides will help to nourish and improve the overall health of your skin.

3. Aloe works as an astringent that balances the skin’s pH, removes dead skin cells, and tightens the skin.

Aloe will actually help to remove dead skin cells from the skin. Removing dead layers of skin will help to improve the skin’s texture and diminish the appearance of wrinkles. Also, because aloe works as a toner, the skin will look smoother and have a more balanced appearance. Saggy skin will even become tighter with the use of aloe.

4. Aloe helps to lock in moisture and replenish the skin.

When the skin becomes dehydrated, two things tend to happen. The first is that the skin will appear dull, flaky, and unhealthy. If that wasn’t bad enough, dehydrated skin is also often wrinkly. Most people have never seen supple looking wrinkles. That’s because moisturized skin is much less likely to wrinkle. Aloe not only moisturizes the outer layer of the skin, but it penetrates deep into each of the skin’s seven layers. This locks moisture in, so that the skin will be left soft and supple for the rest of the day. Only when the skin is adequately moisturized will it be able to heal and regenerate itself.

Which Aloe Containing Products Are Best for Combating Wrinkles?

Even when armed with reasons why aloe is such a great ingredient, many people are still a bit overwhelmed. With all the anti-aging products available, it can take hours to find an effective one that contains aloe. What are consumers supposed to do, go through the shelves of their favorites stores reading the ingredients on every product? Absolutely not! To point you in the right direction, let’s discuss a few different aloe containing products that can help battle the signs of aging.

● The Age Defiance Pro Firming Serum by Aloette

Aloette is a brand that uses aloe as the main ingredient in each of their products. Their Age Defiance Pro Firming Serum was designed to completely re-energize the skin. This age defying formula will boost collagen production and support the regeneration of skin cells. With regular use, this serum promises to firm sagging areas and significantly improve fine lines and wrinkles. Aloette believes so much in this product that they put it to the test. During a 56 day long study, the serum reduced users’ wrinkles by approximately 30%. The length of individual wrinkles were reduced by around 36% and their width by 39%. As this study shows, the Age Defiance Pro Firming Serum is certainly effective in rejuvenating the skin.

● INYE Active Aloe Ferox

The main ingredient in this product is derived from the Aloe Ferox plant, found in South Africa. With regular use, this product will help to completely restructure your skin. Deep set wrinkles will appear more filled in and fine lines will be much less noticeable. Additionally, the Active Aloe Forex is so safe that it can even be used around the eyes. However, what really sets this product apart from many others is that you can actually feel the product on your skin…but in a good way! INYE Active Aloe Ferox will help to lift and shape the skin, while providing long lasting moisture. Throughout the day, your skin will feel silky and smooth, almost like the cream has created a protective barrier, without leaving a heavy or filmy sensation.

● The Aloe Aurea Gel by Zuccari

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What users love about this gel is that it’s a completely natural, organic product. The aloe that this product contains has not been pasteurized or persevered using synthetic chemicals. When you apply the Aloe Aurea Gel to your face, you can be sure that you are getting the highest quality aloe, without any unnatural or harmful substances whatsoever. In fact, this gel is so pure that it is actually safe to eat. Aloe Aurea Gel will provide all of the anti-aging properties of aloe, with none of the chemicals used in other products. You can swap this gel for your regular moisturizer, for younger, healthier skin.

With so many expensive, chemical laden products on the market, it can be difficult to believe that something so natural could be so effective. Aloe really is nature’s very own anti-aging product. If you find yourself feeling skeptical, it’s time to give it a try. See for yourself how aloe can help to rejuvenate your skin and make you look as young as you feel.

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  1. says

    I stumbled uppon your blog and feel it really helped me out. Your posts are clear, to the point and straight forward. I’m going to look into more of your site. Keep up the great work!

  2. says

    I just cut a piece off my aloe plant and included some in my banana/orange smoothie! I didn’t notice any difference in taste but seeing as i just read through all your helpful information, I’m going to keep adding small amounts to my diet…I was actually searching how to “store” aloe after the gel has been extracted. Is that anywhere on your site?

  3. Ruth Chidyagwai says

    Thank you very much for the useful information on the uses and benefits of aloe vera.
    I am an African and over 40 years old and have those aging spot marks on my cheeck bones and they are really making me lose my confidence. I have used a lot of expensives creams such as La Mer, La Prierie and even went to a dermatologist to seek help but it looks like my aging spots just improved slightly and are never disappearing. I also have a problem with my hairline which is mainly caused by inflammation problem, should I use Aloe Vera for this problem as wel.. I am certainly going to start aloe vera for my face problem tonight because i already have two plants of aloe vera at my place. Are all aloe vera plants eaten and if not which ones are suitable.

  4. Holly says

    Couple nights ago, my eyes were puffy from lack of sleep. I was digging through my cabinet and came across some 100% Aloe Gel. I said what the heck and put it under my eyes. It wasn’t long that I noticed the skin under my eyes looked way better!! I’m 38 and started getting wrinkles directly under my eyes and loose skin. I’ve been stressing to death. I’m definitely going to make Aloe my choice of wrinkle managment!

  5. Tonya says

    I take aloe leaves right off my plants. I cut them open with a knife, chew on the gel to loosen it up, eat some, and then apply it to my face and chest every morning. When I get a cut, I put aloe right out of the leaf on it. I store my leaves in a zip lock bag in my makeup bag.

  6. Kdeep says

    Hi I have read somewhere that applying aloe vera does not tighten the skin.Is that true??, plz reply m so confused…

  7. says

    Hi I use aloe 2 leafs in my nutri bulet I strip the sides with the out side included. But I also ad amla foti. Gogi berry dong. quai ladys u also must take internel erbs im also taking gogi berry foti among other erbs to reguvinate my body you must fix the problem from the inside out and yes the aloe is a woder I also use the same blend for my hair.

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