Fight Acne with an Aloe and Honey Face Mask!

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Aloe and honey: what an ingenious combination! How could we not have thought of this until now? With honey’s antibacterial abilities and aloe vera’s anti-inflammatory properties that reduce redness, swelling and itch, it only makes sense to harness the power of both in one kick-ass, acne-fighting face mask.

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Mix Up An Aloe and Honey Mask

With only two ingredients, this aloe and honey face mask recipe in quick, easy, cheap, and effective–all four things you are looking for in an acne treatment.

You Will Need:

  • 1 tablespoon aloe vera gel (whether it is straight from the aloe leaf or from a health food store, just make sure it is pure–no chemical additives, no aloe latex, etc.)
  • 1 tablespoon honey (raw and unpasteurized honey works best)
  • bowl

Yield: 1 awesome face mask! If you want to adjust the amount, just make sure you keep the ratio the same. You want equal amount of aloe gel to honey. No biases here!

The Steps:

  1. Combine the 2 ingredients in a bowl.
  2. Mix well.
  3. Externally apply the goop to any area of your body with acne (face, neck, chest, back)
  4. Let it work its magic for a good 20-25 minutes.
  5. Rinse with warm water.

There ya have it! An easy way to get smooth skin in no time!

Taste Test That Honey and Aloe!

Sneak a little honey into your mouth before using it all in your aloe face mask mixture –and every day, for that matter. Research reveals that daily consumption of honey can do a whole bunch of things for your body: (1) prevent cancer; (2) boost your immune system; and (3) relieve your allergy systems. Because honey is bursting with antioxidants that strengthen the immune system, it can do a whole lot more than just sit on your face, fighting dry skin and acne. Whether mixed into meals, drunk in tea or taken straight from a spoon, honey should go in your mouth too!

And what do you know, you can also reap aloe’s other health benefits by taking it orally. As with honey, aloe’s skin-healing ability is just the tip of the medicinal iceberg: when consumed, aloe can help a lot of gastrointestinal issues–from IBS to acid reflux disease. Just be careful with how much aloe you eat (or drink, for that matter); too much and your digestive track will not be able to handle it.

Who would have thought? An edible face mask as well (and I bet you it’s sweet, given that honey!). Go forth to slather it on!

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  1. ayuk eganga says

    This skin care regimen looks quick and simple; but how often should it be carried out in a day/week?

    Kindest regards


  2. Vanitha Raju says

    I hv black marks on face bez of pimples bt nw I don’t hv any pimples on my face only those black marks r there does it really work’s…!!?? I want to remove it within 1 week how can I do it with aloe?? Can u please suggest me….!!

  3. Sana says

    Hi ,can we apply aloe vera mix wit honey face mask everyday on acne n pimples skin any side effect ? Since my face is oily skin but now it turn skin skin i thought wanna apply the mask everyday coz i have pimples

  4. says


    I tried this face mask several times already and it did really work great on my skin. This face mask is effective on my skin that it provides a healthy glow. Thank for sharing, greatly appreciated. I will stop by again next time and will check some of your beauty related blogs.

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