Aloe for Rashes and Allergic Reactions

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Skin rashes or reactions can occur at any time and are often the result of an underlying infection, allergy, or skin problem, such as eczema or psoriasis. Most people have suffered from a case of hives, poison ivy, or heat rash at least once in their lifetime. These rashes are often accompanied by pain, discomfort, itching, and swelling. A rash may subside on its own, or may worsen and spread further. There are many over-the-counter creams and treatments that are beneficial to helping the symptoms associated with a skin reaction or rash. Many of these over-the-counter treatments, although helpful, can be quite costly. If unsure about the type of rash you are suffering from, purchasing the appropriate product can often times be a hit or a miss. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a one-size-fits-all product that can target a large range of skin reactions and rashes? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this product was pure, affordable, worked quickly and efficiently, and eased the pain and discomfort? Aloe is nature’s miracle treatment for healing a wide range of skin conditions.

How Aloe Can Help in the Rash & Allergy Department

Aloe contains an extremely strong anti-inflammatory component called B-sitosterol. Aloe is also full of vitamin E, which is wonderful for the skin. Aloe naturally contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. When you combine the natural healing properties with its chemical anti-inflammatory, Aloe proves to reduce redness, inflammation, itch and discomfort. For effective healing and treatment, it is best to purchase pure aloe vera gel. Another option that many choose is to purchase an aloe plant.

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Treatment: Aloe for Rashes

To treat mild treating mild to severe skin conditions or reactions with aloe, it is best to apply the aloe on clean, dry skin. Depending upon the size of the area to be treated, typically one aloe vera stalk’s contents or roughly two tablespoons of pure aloe vera gel can be applied directly to the affected area. An affected area would typically be about six to eight inches long. For larger areas, or full-body treatment, tripling or quadrupling the dosage may be necessary for effective healing. It is best to treat the affected area three times a day, for the fastest healing. Significant changes to the area occur within the first two to three days, with most rashes having cleared completely by the fifth or sixth day of continued treatment. Many people discontinue the aloe treatment once some of the pain or redness has subsided. It is best to think of aloe as an antibiotic, rather than as a topical ointment. Aloe does a wonderful job of subsiding pain and discomfort, almost instantly, but the real magic of aloe is in its healing capabilities. As a result, aloe should be used until the rash is completely diminished, not just until the pain and redness has subsided.

Allergic to Aloe?

Aloe plants are available in a variety of species and there is sure to be one that works well with practically any home climate. In rare circumstances, however, a person may develop or have an underlying allergy to aloe. If a skin rash worsens, thickens, or spreads, one may have an aloe allergy. If hives occur and are coupled with cramping, intestinal diarrhea or excessive bodily itch and irritation occur, it is likely that an aloe allergy exists. If this occurs, it is best to discontinue the treatment with any aloe product. Although allergies to aloe do exist, they are uncommon. This is why it is extremely important to purchase pure aloe vera gel or an aloe plant to extract and apply the gel. Aloe products containing multiple ingredients can often intensify the rash or skin reaction, causing it to spread and worsen.

Check for Allergies: Test that Aloe First!

Are your fears of an aloe allergy keeping you from using aloe? Nonsense! There is a way to make sure you do not have an aloe allergy: do a trial run. Apply a small amount of pure aloe gel to a small area of your skin that is not affected by a rash or other skin issue. Doing so will alert you to any problems your body has with aloe before you slather it all over your body, especially on vulnerable skin. Precautions are important! If your skin does redden or become irritated in any way from the aloe sample, steer clear of the all natural remedy for rashes and allergic reactions. You can’t win them all, am I right? If your skin handles the topical aloe just fine, go for it! Relief from rashes is right around the corner! But in all seriousness, taking these precautionary measures when working with aloe is important–it would be silly to try to relieve a rash with something that gives you another allergic reaction! And this test for an aloe allergy should be done not only when using a topical aloe treatment on rashes but if you decide to use aloe for acne, eczema or other skincare (or even haircare) need!

Many scientific studies show how aloe can reduce an allergic reaction. Aloe has been used to treat and cure a variety of ailments, skin conditions, and internal disease. Aloe is safe, effective, eases pain and discomfort, and provides nutrients and moisture to the damaged skin. Because of its ability to multitask, aloe proves time and time again to be a miracle product for healing and treating a variety of conditions, whether the cause is fungal, bacterial, viral, or an undiagnosed condition.

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  1. NEdw80 says

    I have an allergic reaction to cranberries. I have a rash on my face that is itching as I type. I purchased an aloe vera leaf and applied the gel to my face. so far the itching has decreased but if anyone has any suggestions please send them my way. thx

  2. jamie says

    I recently broke out with a face rash. I have red pimple like bumps all over and itching, redness, a little swelling .Obviously a reaction to maybe something I ate or a germ I picked up. Anyway, I was told aloe vera gel was a very good remedy for this, so I bought a plant .I squeezed the juice,& let it cool in the freezer for about 7 mins & applied to my face.I felt instant relief from the itching & It really did soothe the skin immediately.I did this remedy 3 times a day . By the second & 3rd day my rash was going away. I absolutely recommend this natural remedy. It worked for me & I will always keep an aloe plant around. :D

    • Lola Fivecoat says

      I have a couple of small potted plants and some fresh cut Aloe full of ointment that I will be using to treat whatever this strange rash is that just appeared on my face from out of nowhere, taking off so much skin in one area you can see the 2nd layer of skin. The rash is in patches in different areas of my face and the skin gets so dry that there are layers which fall off. -This is not good since I am African American and it looks like something has licked my face raw. It has also begun to spread to my neck, and I tried removing some skin care products from my daily regime ( Mary Kay ), and eliminated some other items from hygiene regime as well to no avail so now I am going to try this as I remember my parents promoting it for skin conditions, stomach issues, and a variety of other things. I hope it works. I have always had great skin and very seldom ever a flaw, I do not get ill very often, not even for a common cold but….now that I’m in my 50′s it’s shocking this is happening. I don’t like syn-meds so I will try natures medicine before I book and co-pay! Hoping it does the job.

  3. says

    About 5 days ago I all of a sudden developed some kind of an allergic skin rash all over the inside of my wrists and back of my hands and finger swelling and eyelids, back of my neck.
    ITCHY ! like crazy like poison ivy itchy. triple antibiotic cream didn’t work.
    the only thing that helps is to run my forearms and hands under really hot water as hot as it is.
    that’s when the REAL bad itching occurs. almost uncontrollable feeling. WHEW ! crazy itchy
    it subsides after 20 to 30 seconds, thank God ! I pat down and liberally apply Clear 100% Aloe.
    once it dries no more itchy for a few hours then i have to do that all over again later.
    I have NO idea where it came from. I didn’t touch any plants. I didn’t buy any new food. not allergic to the indoor cat. have NO idea what or where it came from. now I’m thinking maybe It was something in the Grocer but I don’t know. anyway. 100% Aloe works an allergic skin rash.

  4. dont tripp says

    When i was a kid,every year for five years i would get a big bumb between my right eye and nose,filled with puss.the first three times i would have to go to the doctor to get it cut,but on the fourth year my grandmother told me to but a piece of aloe on it,so i did in about ten minutes it had disappear (real talk).i couldn’t believe it. The following year it happened again,so i put aloe on it again and same thing it was gone like magic,as a kid i was surprised,no more cuts(and i still am) that was the last year it appeared it really works

    • Cindy says

      hey I’m wondering with the plant if you put it on your face is it sopest to itch like crazy or should be be a reaction ?? Plz answer

  5. Lebo says

    I applied pure aloe gel on my allergy reaction then the itching cooled,after 3 hour it started again and it was sooo swollen,is it aloe or that’s how it works?

  6. says

    sir i am having skin allergy since 20 yrs fedup of this. I have to take medicine twice a day. Zemfred16 and mebryl earlier it was giving relief now no change in problem.on my head my two arms sometime bodies ,what to do ?i m taking aloevera now ,will it work?direct from plant?my hands skin is soo thin

    • says

      You commented that your skin was too thin. If you are on topical steroids, after a while they do cause the skin to become thin. I know a group of people on the internet who claim they were addicted to topical steroids and finally found a doctor in LA that told them they must come off all at once. When they do, they do have a giant reaction as their bodies re-adjust. The support group I found actually supports each other when going through this itchy time. Some of them seem to get better later (after removing their addiction) and some seem to go back to their usual rash and deal with that. I’m not an expert, but I find this all interesting. My dermatologist told me to not stay on topical steroids for more than 30 days. (I like cucumber juice at times and have tried aloe vera plant) Working on diet things too.

  7. Hannah says

    Hi, I recently noticed a rash on my stomach and I do not know how to get rid of it. Will aloe Vera gel work? ASAP thanks


    Use aloe vera for skin problems without any doubt because this is all purpose natural medicine for skin that God has gifted us.

  9. Thandazile Shoshong says

    Can you please assist me I have itching face, rush and I don’t know what to use on my face, today I bought ALOE GEL, I am in Botswana kindly advice where I can get night and day ALOE cream and for wrinkles,

    Your assistance will be appreciated

    Thank you

  10. middy says

    I have a oily face and have eczema..have used aloe Vera gel for a week now but its not working blackheads are disappearing but have rashes all over my face.could I be allergic to aloe or should I continue with it?
    please help

  11. Pooja says

    I am using fresh aloevera leaf gel on my scalp after washing my hair is have an itching problem on my head.
    Please reply what to do for avoid the itching problem.
    Please send me a suggestion in my inbox which is above mentioned.

  12. Asia says

    I have been having a really bad adhesive allergy for the past couple of days after having a minor operation on my upper arm. I’ve used all kinds of ointments, and all kinds of creams, and nothing has helped so far. I just tried a bit of The inside of an Aloe Vera stalk, and I immediately felt a difference. It stopped the itching, and eased the discomfort, but not totally.

    Anyone with any tips or advise, please let me know. I’m trying to get rid of this rash as soon as possible.


  13. denise grant says


  14. says

    Hi a couple nights ago i used nair to remove my body hair. It was my first time using it then the next thing i know my body broke out and i now have a rash. I’ll never use nair again. I tried using neosporin a couple times yesterday and it helped some. I would like to know will aloe vera gel help get rid of the redness and rash alot quicker please and thank you?


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