Fighting Fungus with the Aloe Plant

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Aloe Vera: Modern Science, Traditional Healing

The green skin and clear gel of the Aloe Vera plant contain a wide range of enzymes, amino acids, and trace elements which provide astringent, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory benefits. In a study from 2004, Aloe gel was taken from plants grown in greenhouses at a university in Mexico, pasteurized, then applied to petri dishes containing three different growths of fungus. In all three cases, the pasteurized Aloe gel significantly inhibited the fungi’s ability to spread. This was the first time Aloe’s anti-fungal abilities had been officially studied.

More recently, scientists have isolated a novel protein present within the gel that clearly acts as an anti-fungal agent. The Aloe protein, known as 14 kDa, demonstrated potent suppressive activity on several strains of the Candida family, specifically C. albicans, C. krusei, and C. paraprilosis. In fact, the study goes on to recommend this Aloe protein as a basis for the development of further medicinal products.

Anti-Fungal Treatments

Aloe’s ability to inhibit fungal growth is welcome news to those fighting stubborn yeast and fungal infections. It is an all-natural treatment with no known side effects, liberally laced with vitamins and nutrients which are easily taken up by the body. If a healthy Aloe vera plant isn’t available, most health food or whole foods stores have aloe products on their shelves. For external use, the list of ingredients should be limited to Aloe, distilled water, and perhaps tocopherol, a vitamin E derivative commonly used as a preservative. Avoid products with extra ingredients such as food coloring, lidocaine, alcohol, or chemical preservatives as these do nothing to promote healing.

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  • Suppositories of pure Aloe gel inserted into the vagina combat Candida, or yeast, infections, as well as nonspecific vaginitis.
  • Use the gel topically for yeast infections that grow in skin folds, such as in the groin or under the breasts.
  • Aloe gel relieves the pain and itching associated with athlete’s foot and jock itch, which are also classed as fungal infections.
  • For dandruff that is caused by a fungus rather than dry skin, massaging Aloe gel into the scalp thirty minutes prior to shampooing is an excellent way to combat its spread.
  • Ringworm is also a kind of fungus. Rub Aloe gel into infected areas, and surround them with a barrier of aloe to prevent it from spreading.
  • For rectal itching caused by Candida overgrowth, Aloe gel relieves the itching and treats by inhibiting the yeast’s ability to grow.
  • For dogs, Aloe gel rubbed into “hot spots” provides instant relief.┬ábe sure the product contains no extra chemicals or preservatives which might be ingested by the animal when it grooms.

Fungal infestations can be a symptom of a body that’s out of balance, or an immune system that’s been compromised. Most people don’t realize that their immune systems are located and maintained in the digestive tract. Aloe juice taken internally aids the digestive system in eliminating wastes and toxins, improves circulation, and is an excellent source of antioxidant vitamins C and E. These activities provide gentle but effective immune system support. When a body has a healthy immune system, it’s less likely to let fungi make themselves at home!

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    • Jonny says

      Hi Mujahid, Aloe vera is called a nature’s tonic. they are many health benefits of Aloe Vera. Recent medical theories came to conclusion that it can be used for Cancer treatments.

      its better to have Aloe Vera Plant in every home, cures many diseases.

      or else buy a International Aloe Science Council Certified Aloe Vera Product such as Yeturu Brand.

      They offer Aloe Vera products for both health and skin care.

  1. john says

    yes you can try it., it is used in many of the antifungal medications for jock itch. However it is great for burns on the fingers, hans or whatever . just break a piece of the plant off and rub it on your skin. I know of several people who drink the juice that you can buy at walmart for stomache accidity and the problems people have that they take antacids for.

  2. Kelly says

    My dog has blastomycosis (fungal infection – sinus cavity). Can aloe, possibly, along with the prescription treatment or just aloe alone, help?
    The modern prescriptions out there for blastomycosis are quite strong.

    • Danielle Brown says

      Hi Kelly,

      Aloe has proven to help fight infections in animals! You can try the natural remedy before diving into prescription medication, which can get expensive and often have some hefty side effects. Something else you might find useful: check out the article “Aloe For Healthy Dogs, Cats, and Horses” for more information on how aloe vera can help your pet!

  3. Irma best says

    I have fungus in my finger nail and toe nail… will aloe vera help healing?.. how to apply and how often can i drink it… tks waiting on an answer.

    • Jen says

      Yes, it can cure your fungus. It cured my athlete’s foot, and I had tried all the over-the-counter meds for athlete’s foot but nothing worked except a natural aloe vera plant. I would apply some of the aloe gel to my toes every night before bed. Just break off a piece of the plant, cut it open, and rub the gooey gel on your fungal infected areas. I don’t know anything about drinking it but they say it’s safe and actually healthy to drink but I don’t know how often you should.

      • Herly says

        Yes, Aloa Vera is very saffy I am drinking it and a I am feeling much better for the inflamation I have in the nervus. Just blandder a piece about 2 or 3 inchs ( cut in small piece) ,with any kind of juice and drink every morning before breakfas. you do not need take the skining, bledder all together and only you notice the flavor of the juice.
        My friend in Brazil had big knees problem, no doctors find the way to make they stop hurts and take the swell, she had aloa vera for 2 months and all were gone, then she keeps take one other day.
        I really recommend for every one because no side effect

  4. says

    I have a very bad fungal infection on all ten fingers. It makes my flesh dry and it starts peeling off and makes my palms really hard. It itches a lot and that’s very uncomfortable. It’s cracks my skin and my blood comes out dried. Pls help me treat this.

  5. says

    My family is from the Bahamas we have been drinking aloe for my whole life. Either as a tea in which you take the aloe leaf cut it up and boil it or take the pulp and blend it up with juice . It helps to strengthen your system. It is a practice that has passed down for generations.

  6. Joe says

    I had a groin fungus at the top of my inner thigh and scrotum yesterday. I rubbed an open patch of aloe leaf on it and had complete relief. when in doubt rub on aloe. I use the leaf but I buy in the supermarket.

  7. Marc says

    I have a fungus spots on my face and spreading now , dont know what to do ? skin speciallist cannot help even. Plz help

  8. Lissette says

    I been having ring worm over 6 and half week. Been taking antifugalpills, and antifugalpills cream. It helps ,but is to omplety gone! My fear is that also Vera is humity, and I should keep my skin dry at all time. Would the alovera help me?

  9. rachna says

    I have extreme dandruff problem which gets converted to fungus in a couple of days ..I am facing severe hair problems cause of that n have tried all medication but to no use.
    I have been using aloe vera on scalp before shampoo for some time . howlong will it take for the problem to disappear altogether.

  10. Sheenay says

    I have friend with a yeast infection she have been to several doctors and gynacologists they have prescribed her several medications,she has lots of pain, i would like someone to help me please. Can she use aloe and how? Thank you all so much for comprehension.

  11. Rishika says

    I m suffering from fungal infection and ring worms too from last 2 years . Please suggest me how can I get rid from this disease permanent . Also advise me what should I avoid in my food diet and what should I include. In how much time does this disease removed?pls advice me!

  12. suzanne anastacio says

    my husband has severe problems with internal and external fungus. rashes and severe itchy skin even where there isn’t any rash. will aloe vera help? awake all night. health problems began after multiple surgeries, spider bite and MRSA. extreme anxiety. was advised his body is very acidic.

  13. says

    I’ve been trying to get rid of teniaol fungus on one of my teniaols for about 20 years now. I think I tried just about everything. I was checking up on laser surgery when I came across your site and the info on Nailpure. Do you have more info on it. How much success have you had with it. I was thinking about trying it. I am using vinegar now and that just keeps it from getting worse.Thanks,Larry

  14. Anitah says

    I have a fungal infection on my thigh,,,it has spread for a decade now,I have tried using fungal ointments but I have been unsuccessful in treating the stubborn skin infection,can aloevera cure it??

    • suresh says

      still are u facing the problem…u can cure by using the pure aloevera products..u can contact me for further assistance..

  15. Shailesh Kumar Chaudhary says

    Last 7 month my thighs anti fungal.I am many products use but not result.and last 2 month thighs area sketch marks availabl.pls can I use aloe Vera ? Pls and

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