How can Aloe Reduce your Rosacea breakouts?

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Rosacea is a common skin condition that causes tiny pimple-like bumps on the surface of the face, primarily. Rosacea can also occur less frequently on other areas of the body, such as the: neck, chest, nose, scalp-region, and ears. Early signs of rosacea typically occur during adolescence. Flushing and an ability to blush easily, often uncontrollably, is a common first sign of rosacea’s onset. Over time, rosacea can progress and produce a persistent redness often accompanied by bumps. Sometimes these bumps are pus-filled, though they tend to burn or sting much more than a common pimple. Small blood vessels can become visible with this disorder. Women are more commonly afflicted with rosacea than men, but men often have more severe symptoms than women. Aloe Vera contains a powerful anti-inflammatory, B-sitosterol, that effectively cures and treats many skin conditions. It comes as no surprise that rosacea has now been added to the list of skin conditions that have been greatly improved by the use of aloe.

Many sufferers of rosacea also have bloodshot and itchy/ irritated eyes, also known as ocular rosacea. One may also have excessive tightness or thickening of the skin, raised red patches, and even swelling (edema). Presently, there is not a cure for rosacea and the cause of the disorder is unknown by medical professionals. Professional treatment options of rosacea by doctors and dermatologists are very limited, since very little is known about the disorder’s origin and underlying causes. Upon diagnosis by a medical professional, an individual with rosacea can expect one of only a few treatment options. Oral and topical medications, or a combination of the two, are generally prescribed. Laser therapy treatment is also available, although not widely utilized. Individuals suffering from rosacea are often let down by many of the treatment options prescribed to them by medical professionals. Both oral and topical medications can be very costly, even to those that have adequate health insurance. It may take several weeks of consistent treatment to notice even a slight change in the condition. Additionally, since rosacea cannot be cured, these medications and treatments are designed to help the condition, not cure it. As a result, most patients find themselves taking these medications for life, as to avoid flare-ups and reoccurrence. Doctors and patients do not know the side effects of taking these medications for a prolonged period of time. These variables have lead many with rosacea to search for more natural cures and treatment of their rosacea.  Aloe vera gel has been applied and used in hospitals for years to treat burns and heal skin from various injuries and diseases for many years. Aloe gel comes from an aloe plant. When stalks of an aloe plant are cut open, a sap-like liquid, the gel, emerges. Of the various homeopathic (natural) remedies for rosacea, the use of aloe has become an increasingly popular and effective treatment.

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How Can Aloe Reduce your Rosacea Breakouts?

It may seem hard to believe that simply slicing open the stalks of an aloe plant and applying its contents topically could provide substantial benefits to rosacea sufferers. Aloe is truly a proven miracle treatment option. In addition to repairing and healing externally, topical application of aloe also works as a detoxifying agent under the skin, which doubles the healing of rosacea symptoms. Aloe is nature’s best hydrator. Those with rosacea often have increased skin-sensitivity and dryness. Applying aloe topically increases the moisture and rejuvenates the skin while acting as an anti-inflammatory and reducing redness and irritation, similar to how it works on relieving acne symptoms.

It is extremely important to purchase pure aloe gel, when treating rosacea, or buy an aloe plant. Many over-the-counter aloe products contain other chemicals which can increase the infection and flare-up. Artificial additives and chemicals can also dilute the healing potential of aloe. In addition, store-bought aloe products may contain less aloe than you think to begin with, so you aren’t tapping into the true potential of aloe. If you do opt for an aloe lotion or cream you find on your supermarket’s shelve, be sure to check the label to find out if aloe is last on the ingredient list (it shouldn’t be!). Pick a product that lists aloe as one of the first three ingredients. But, of course, it is best to go for the pure aloe gel or make your own aloe lotion (the latter option allows you to know and control just how much aloe makes it onto your skin!)

Consistent users of aloe notice significant changes to the severity of their rosacea, often in half of the time it would take for a prescribed medication to work. Unlike prescribed medications, which have a variety of common side effects associated with their usage, aloe vera is a pure treatment with no known or reported side effects.


Those with mild to moderate rosacea should apply pure aloe from an aloe plant or pure aloe gel twice daily to the affected area(s.) It is best to apply aloe after gently washing the whole face with a mild non-abrasive cleanser. Apply regular moisturizer to the areas not affected by rosacea and allow the aloe to act as both a moisturizer and a treatment for the rosacea. For mild to moderately-affected individuals, results can be felt almost immediately. Tight, burning skin is immediately relieved by the fast-acting properties of the aloe. Redness subsides substantially within ten to fifteen minutes following application. After about a week of continued use, users report dramatic and significant effects of their condition. Breakouts are significantly fewer and inflammation is reported as being reduced by half. After two months of continued usage, patients with mild to moderate rosacea report having next to no periods of prolonged inflammation or breakouts. They have noted that it appears their rosacea is in remission. For more chronic rosacea conditions involving thickening of tissue or enlarged nose, four daily treatments are generally suggested. More chronic sufferers report changes as significant as those with more mild to moderate breakouts during the same timeframes.

In addition to prescribed medications, aloe is a highly-effective treatment of rosacea when used as recommended. Until a cure is found, patients with rosacea will need to include topical and/or oral treatment to keep the symptoms minimized. Aloe proves to provide the anti-inflammatory and healing properties from the inside out, without the damaging side effects often found in prescribed medications used to treat rosacea.

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  1. Jen says

    Hi my name is Jeniffer and for the pass 6-8 months I have been blessed with Rosacea. No one in my family has it but me. :( I just turned 30 years old. Not to happy about that but anyways I went to my Dr. Told him about it. And he gave me a cream to apply @ night. So I did what he said to do. The next morning my face had broke out. The side effects were awful. So Im not using any over the counter perscription I turn to the web and look up aol plants which I have a lot in my gardenand to my surprise my first night it work miracles thank you for the advice.

  2. aj says

    I wanted a non medical or surgical solution to my annoying Rosacea which ive been suffering with to some extent for the last 13 years!
    So i applied my aloe vera gel for the first time yesterday which resulted in a burning sensation. I held out for about 20 minutes. The burning sensation residided and notice a massive improvement!! The best ever !!
    Its such a relief Aloe has come my way the universe must have been listeninig.

  3. Ellen says

    Hi everyone,

    I’m 21 years old and I sadly suffered with rosacea from a young age which broke my confidence and I used to be so self conscious about myself :( I tried many different products and spent 100′s pounds trying to make it go away!

    Eventually, I found aloe Vera on the web and my doctor recommended I tried it.

    My face is ten times better than it used to be and I have my confidence back!!

    I’m glad after reading this and other confidence this has helped other people to smile like I do every day :)

    • Marlo says

      Hello! Your story is identical to mine! I am 20 and have had the reddest cheeks since I was young. How long did it take you to notice a difference in your skin since applying the aloe?

  4. says

    I went to the dentist had a bad tooth ,he placed a piece of plastic over my mouth while working on the tooth ,,I got so clostifobic had a anzaity attack on the chair next day had one rash ,,two days my right side is nearly covered and spreading ,,used plaqnt aloe for the stinking and redness ,hope by tomorrow will be gone,,,,first time ever had this ,,,

        • Terri says

          HI Steve & Judith, I tried the Aubrey Organics Pure Aloe Vera 4 oz last year at the advice of my all-natural, organic only niece. It was the 1st item I tried, in years, that gave me any relief from rosacea. (I have also been blesses with the lupus malar rash but thats a different board to be posting on…lol)…. back to rosacea. I love the Aubrey organics line and just bought the larger spray bottle. I’ve been using it for the past year and my facial skin looks the best it has in many, many years. I still get some discomfort indoors with the heat being on in the winter months but I just deal with it until the winter is over. Good luck everyone!

  5. says

    Hello I got rocesea in my 60s
    Didnt know what it was
    As far as I know I am the only family member who has it
    It is now going into the eyes
    I found aloe vera the plant to be helpful my nose cleared up the pimples did burst
    but my nose is looking good.
    I used lemon but not sure if this was good didnt hurt to try.
    If nothing else helped next was sea water.

  6. lydiaswims says

    I began to suffer from rosacea in my late fifties. I tried all the over counter products that promise to reduce the redness and spots within hours ….they didn’t. i always felt an irritation under the spots which meant I was constantly touching…and made it worse. After the first application of the Made from Earth Green Tea Cleanser & Rosehip Hibiscus Serum – my skin felt calm. No the spots and redness didn’t disappear overnight but the skin felt so comfortable that I continued with it for that reason. After 1 week of using the Made from Earth Rosehip Serum there was an amazing improvement and after 2 weeks …..clear of spots and redness reduced . To those who are not having immediate results……..I would say ‘persevere’. After a month my skin is the best it has been for 10 years.

  7. mary m says

    I occasionally suffer with my eyes (minor ocular rosacea) – but the eye drops do work. I only ever got rosacea on my cheeks and across my nose. I have used the Somaluxe Redness Repair for 7 months both morning and night and I am delighted to say this stuff has completely cleared all symptoms. I use dove soap bar in the morning to wash my face and I apply the Somaluxe Redness Repair once and again before bed. I highly recommend this product and it sounds dramatic to say but its given me my confidence and life back.

  8. Joanne garforth says

    I have just started to use the forever aloe Vera gel early days but I am going to continue with it.What do people use as a sun factor are block on holiday?

  9. siri says

    I had suffered from rosacea for 4 years, during which I had lost hope that anything natural would make any significant difference to my red, burning, spotty skin. Yes, steroid cream and antibiotics work, but who wants to be on those forever?!

    I dreaded going out and even had days when I wouldn’t want anyone to look at me. FINALLY my dermatologist recommended the Made from Earth products, specifically the Made from Earth Rosehip Serum and the Green Tea Toxin Cleanser. I applied the Rosehip Serum morning and night, and after 4 days I noticed a significant improvement in the redness on my cheeks. And this morning, after using the cleanser my mother asked me if I was wearing make-up, when I wasn’t.

    I’m actually starting to see patches of my real skin tone appearing on my cheeks. I can’t wait to see what 3 or 6 months will bring. Many thanks to the producers of this cream for giving me hope that I can beat this.

  10. lynne says

    Ive been diagnosed with eczema at the age of 26, the eczema has not developed into rosacea. This has taken over my life. Im currently seeing a dermatologist whom has prescribed antibiotics and pro topic ointment. Ive been on this medication for 5 months now and finding it very hard to see results.

    Ive become depressed and most days i dont want to be around people. Im struggling to find my confidence and people who dont suffer from this, wont understand what its like to wake up everyday feeling the burning, itching sensation.

    I will start using the Aloe today and hopefully in a couple of weeks i will also see results.

    after reading everyones replies im definitely going to try it

  11. Mily says

    I tried a number of options to banish my rosacea breakouts. DermalMD Rosacea Serum is only one that actually works for Rosacea.

  12. Sarah says

    I am 45 years old and was diagnosed with rosacea a few weeks ago. Like many people, I thought it was a case of adult acne and sensitive skin. I had actually been managing some of the bigger flare ups with a topical steroid that I had for some dermatitis. That was working great but I didn’t want to use a steroid forever. Once officially diagnosed, my dermatologist prescribed an antibiotic and I took that for 10 days. Again, it helped, but I didn’t want to be on it forever. So, I started researching homeopathic ways to manage my rosacea, which is when I came across this site. I immediately started using some aloe vera gel I had on hand – it is from Trader Joe’s and it is 99% pure. I was thrilled when it immediately reduced the redness and some of the inflammation! The only problem was that my skin still had that bumpy look and that burning feeling would return during the day. After reading some of these comments, I also ordered the Made From Earth Green Tea Cleanser & Rosehip Hibiscus Serum, which I found on Amazon. I can’t tell you how happy and relieved I am with the results. The cleanser and serum immediately calmed my skin and after using those two things for only a couple of days, as well as the aloe vera, my skin is almost back to normal. I could actually feel the redness and burning going away. I wouldn’t say the rosacea is completely gone, but it’s MUCH better and that is without any medication. So, thank you so much!! This site and your comments were so helpful!!

  13. Ruth S says

    Ive been diagonosed with moderate Rosacea. Im suffering from it for the past two years. Used some prescribed creams but nothing seems to help improve my condition. Just read some comments about Made from Earth rosehip hibiscus serum & green tea cleanser. Just wanted to know how often the cleanser should be used. Your feedback can be really helpful. Thanks & God bless.

  14. George says

    I’m currently taking clonidine for the flushing side of rosacea and have been on it for almost 4 weeks. So far the results in respect to my flushing have improved, but the redness and inflammation on my cheeks is still a problem. However, last night for the first time I applied Plunkett’s Aloe Vera Soothing Gel and the results already are amazing. After 10 -15 minutes I noticed the redness on my cheeks had considerably subsided.

  15. George says

    Further to my last comment I recently tried Mirvaso Gel and the results were amazing at first. But unfortunately, I had to stop using it due to the terrible rebound effect you get afterwards. I’m hoping Aloe Vera Gel is the natural alternative to Mirvaso Gel… so far so good.

  16. Rebecca Demings says

    I’m 23 and have been suffering with rosacea for two years now and lately my rosacea has been the worst its ever been so I’ve been researching the internet to find a treatment that actually works and is natural. Ive been feeling like there’s no hope, no actual relief from this horrible rosacea… But after reading the comments on here and seeing people are getting actual results, I am excited to try aloe for myself and order Made from earth Rosehip serum and the Green tea cleanser. I’m feeling hopeful and excited now :) Thank you, this site and comments have been so helpful!

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