How Does Aloe Work as a Conditioner?

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Commonly thought of as one of the most effective treatments for sunburn, aloe vera is actually a great way to treat dry or damaged hair, increase volume and shine, and even enhance the softness of your hair. Its unique combination of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids make it a great way to rid dandruff and breathe new life into a head of hair that might be showing signs of wear.

Aloe Vera as a Conditioner Replacement

A great way to start improving your hair is to put down the traditional conditioner that you can buy at any supermarket or pharmacy and replace it with aloe vera gel instead. After shampooing simply massage in a small amount of aloe vera gel and let it set for about one minute. After a minute or so has elapsed, rinse it out just like normal conditioner. Repeating this process at least once per day will result in a head of hair that is renewed, volumized, and resistant to the damaging effects of dryness.

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Additionally, mixing this same amount of aloe vera gel with certain powdered hair dyes will reduce the damaging effect they can have on hair. It can help relieve the extreme dryness caused by most dying products and stop damage before it even begins. It’s a great option for those who are constantly falling in love with a new hair color and switching things up on a regular basis.

Aloe Vera as Dandruff Prevention

It’s a common problem: those embarrassing white flakes that can land on shoulders throughout the day. A product of dry hair and an even dryer scalp, dandruff is entirely preventable. However, many companies have taken advantage of this common problem and monetized it to the point that dandruff-treating shampoos are overpriced and inaccessible. When you consider that the average guy doesn’t like to spend big bucks on his hair care, it’s easy to see why these high prices have only helped to exacerbate the problem.

If you’re familiar with how great aloe vera can make your skin feel after using it to treat a sunburn, then it’s easy to see how it would help cure a dry scalp and moisturize hair so that the problem disappears completely. Treating dandruff with aloe vera is as easy as massaging the gel in before bed and allowing it to set overnight. Simply wash the gel out in the morning and shampoo like normal. Repeat this process until the problem goes away, and then pursue new methods of hair care that prevent dandruff altogether. Those methods include resisting the urge to blow-dry hair or wash hair in extremely hot water; diets high in fats or sugars can also cause dandruff, so be sure to stay clear of excess in those areas. Once aloe has treated your dandruff, it’s important to keep the problem at bay with a successful lifestyle change.

Aloe Promotes Supermodel-Quality Hair

The special enzymes in aloe vera gel are especially good at moisturizing and volumizing hair — and those two things help give hair a shine and a glow that can turn heads and cause a few double-takes. Because its enzymes help to balance the scalp’s pH levels, it actually encourages hair growth and results in a thicker head of hair with regular use. Those looking to volumize with aloe vera gel should massage the gel into their hair and leave it in for 30 minutes before rinsing. Repeat the process daily and enjoy the results — a much fuller head of hair that shines like it never has before.

Aloe Prevents Hair Loss

A lot of people feel that modern science has enabled us to use chemicals and elements to prolong our lives and enhance our enjoyment of the things we do every day. To an extent, that’s true. Modern science has certainly helped usher in a new era of increased longevity and enjoyment. But those chemicals that are so well-promoted by modern science can also be the unraveling of a head of hair. A lifetime of dangerous chemicals — anything from synthetic shampoos to harsh and frequent hair dying — can actually cause hair loss in people who wouldn’t normally experience it. And in those already predisposed to baldness, those chemicals can hasten the process and cause hair to fall out quicker than it normally would.

Aloe is an all-natural alternative to harsh chemical products that may condition hair in the short term, but cause hair loss further down the road. Additionally, it’s a great way to reduce the harsh chemical effects of hair dyes. Because of the many natural vitamins and minerals found in aloe vera, it has been found to help sooth hair follicles and slow down hair loss by a significant amount.

Make Your Own Aloe Conditioners & Shampoos!

Never buy another shampoo or conditioner from the supermarket again–you can make your own aloe shampoo and conditioner, which will therefore have better ingredients, cost less, and have more hair-healing properties than your average bottle of suds! That’s right: the best way to reap the benefits of aloe vera’s all-natural composition is by creating herbal, semi-homemade shampoos.

  1. One way to do this is to simply find an all-natural, herbal shampoo and mix in about two parts aloe vera gel to one part shampoo. For the best results, it’s best to use stabilized, all-natural aloe vera gel rather than the aloe vera plant itself.
  2. But there is another way if you are feeling up for it: make an aloe conditioner from scratch. Check out a standard recipe for the stuff here. You’ll be surprised as just how easy it is to whip up a batch! There are many recipes out that for aloe shampoo, as well. One in particular includes both aloe and lemon–a refreshing, aromatic shampoo that will not only moisturize your hair but de-grease it too. Oil buildup can be a big reason for lackluster hair so combat that problem with aloe! Sound like something you want to try? Turn your bathroom into a mini-spa and your hair into gorgeous locks by reading that aloe shampoo recipe. Good-bye, hair problems! Hello, radiant hair!
  3. If you don’t want to make your own aloe haircare, you can always check out the aloe shampoos and conditioners available at your local store. Although they might be pricier than the homemade stuff, you can’t beat the convenience of purchasing something that is ready to use! Just be careful when picking a product: the more aloe in the bottle the better. Sometimes store-bought aloe products lead your to believe it is made with more aloe than it really is. If aloe is not one of the main ingredients when you check out the ingredient list, move on. Find an aloe shampoo and conditioner made with aloe as one of its all-star ingredients!

Store-Bought Alternatives

For those who simply don’t have the time to concoct their own shampoos or massage aloe vera gel into their hair on a daily basis, many manufacturers have started producing conditioners which include a significant amount of aloe vera gel already mixed in. This is a great way to accomplish two things: condition and moisturize hair quickly, on the go, as well as reap the benefits of aloe vera’s minerals and vitamins that will take your hair to the next level.

No matter what your situation — from hair loss to damaged hair and every type in between — aloe vera gel is a seriously effective treatment and a way to ensure your hair is healthy, has a great shine, is moisturized, and sticks around a bit longer than it would in a world of harsh chemicals and synthetic hair care products. Despite all the advances of modern science, it’s true that nature does sometimes know best.

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  1. Mollie says

    Raised on Florida beaches, I have been a fresh home grown aloe vera user for years. Just recently I heard of a diet drink made by mixing aloe and palmigranate juice, interesting but probably not tastey!!! Now I read about the benifits on hair and it’s GREAT news. Until the part about stablized aloe is better that from the plant itself…I have plants, so how can I make the pulp stable enough to put on my skin? I just made my own body soap/shampoo with garden ingredients….one I added today along with the aloe, makes it very arromatically displeasing!!! But if this makes my hair feel good, I really want to learn how to accomplish that stablizing effect.

  2. TW says

    After trying to go “no poo baking soda” and realizing that it was a really bad idea due to the ph of baking soda vs the ph of hair, I started experimenting with different alternate shampooing methods for my short oily color treated hair. This post may be premature as I am still in process-but; I started with 4 T Aloe Vera Gel, 1 T all natural organic shampoo, 1 t powdered coconut cream, 1 c water. I shampooed as usual and it was great! Since there was a ton if lather (which isn’t really necessary for clean hair and scalp), the next time I used it I decided to continue to dilute further with water until I was no longer satisfied with the result. I have diluted it further 4 times now and added another 2 T of gel. I continue to love the results!!!

  3. anu says

    plz tell me how to use aloe vera for hair.means to say wat are the prosecure
    should use before shampoo or after shampoo??
    and how to use?

    • dee says

      Take the green skin off the aloe leaf so all that remaining is the clear gel. Place the gel in a blender and blend for about 1 to 2 minutes on a high speed.

      Use a cheese cloth or similar type cloth to strain the blended aloe juice. The aloe gel has lots of fiber in it. If you use on your hair without straining, you will end up with white dandruff like flakes in your hair.

      Once you’ve strained the juice to remove fibers, you can use the juice on your hair and your body.

      I don’t rinse the aloe juice from my hair. I keep in like a leave in conditioner. My hair hair had amazing shine, thickness, body and grows.

      I’ve made the juice for many people and when they saw the amazing results, they always came back for more.

      If you will not be using all of the juice, you can store the remaining juice in a glass container in the refrigerator. Make sure you have a cover to help keep fresh. You can also add a crushed vitamin c tablet and vitamin e gel to help preserve for several months.

      Aloe is amazing!!


      • Ariel says

        Omg!!! Thank you!!! I’ve been on the Internet in search of why I have all this white stuff all over my hair every time I use the aloe! Nowhere was I ever told it needed to be strained!!!
        I couldn’t figure out what it was so I tried eliminating my conditioner and even switching shampoos thinking maybe it reacted weird. I was so sad because the white stuff seems to get stuck and make it hard to brush without breaking my hair. I’m excited to try it after straining!!!!!

  4. says

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    of increase by up to 12 days when compared with group
    without aloe treatment. An important factor of th soil is that
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  5. says

    The nutrient basics essential for healthy skin is the
    same for everyone. This can also be the primary reason why it really is
    popularly used being a soothing gel for sunburn relief.
    Aloe Vera has been used topically for hundreds of years to
    treat wounds, skin infections, burns, eczema, and numerous
    other dermatologic conditions.

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  7. Mawya says

    Thnx for the amazing tips
    But please tell me if i can use it on a dyed hair? My hair was brown and now its blond, ive bleached it and dyed it. Can u still use aloe vera strained juice?

    Thnx alot

  8. notyourbeeswax says

    does anyone know how to remove the Aloe white flakes from hair?
    Thanks I have it in my hair as we speak, :( and have a big meeting in a few days, I tried washing but it’s still in my hair.


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