Worldwide Aloe, a International Craze!

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I hope everybody enjoyed their St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. I myself greened up for the day. I made sure to surround myself with lots of green as well. Good thing there are so many plants at work and at home. Seven of those plants happen to be Aloe! According to this article I found on the web, aloe is one of the best natural decorations for this holiday, evoking the spirit of Ireland!

So it seems would seem, people are not only using it as a decoration, but restaurants are serving it on the menu. To anyone out there in the Palestine, TX area, I found out through this article an Asian food market opened up in downtown Palestine and are having their grand opening tomorrow, Saturday, during the Dogwood Trails Celebration. One of the food items available is an aloe vera dessert. If anybody ends up there, please let me know what they meant by that. I, for one, am very intrigued. There are so many different things that could mean. Could it be chocolate covered aloe vera? Sugar coated aloe vera? Perhaps and aloe vera ice cream or frozen yogurt. Great, now I’m hungry. An aloe vera dessert sounds like just the refresher for this beautiful weather we are having today.

Speaking of refreshing, I also noticed that there is a new juice blend out there taking the world by storm. Totally Wild has an Aloe & Baobab Juice that was hailed as the Best New Product at the SAB Eat In Produce Awards. I’m not surprised. Anything smart and healthy enough to include aloe, and delicious enough to be the prized winner of juices needs to be talked about.

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The unsweetened aloe juice on it’s own , “Didn’t taste very good.” said, Barbara Kleinschmidt, the woman behind the juice. The fruit of the Baobab has a flavor that is something like what you would imagine the lovechild of an apple and a pear would be.

It is also a good source of dietary fiber, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. Sounds

Totally Wild Cape Aloe & Baobab Juicelike the perfect pear-ing to me! Two highly healthy juices mixed together to make a

super juice. I’m not in South Africa but I’m ready to order some online! If you’re interested you can purchase online from this website here


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