Soothe an Itchy Scalp with Cooling Aloe Vera!

Itch. Must…scratch….itch. Try as you might to resist the urge to scratch at your skin, wherever that bothersome itch might strike, more often than not you give in. And what’s more is that you know it’s bad for you, but you do it anyway! Scratching your skin may leave you with scars or even open up your skin. Therefore, what you want to do is control the itch in a less destructive–and preferably natural–way, am I right? Especially when it comes to an itchy scalp, aloe gel, a thick, gelatinous substance found inside the succulent aloe vera plant, can soothe the itchy area with its cooling properties, making you less likely to scratch and giving whatever underlying problem is causing the itch time to heal.

Why Would My Scalp Be Itchy?

Most of us we focus our energy and dollars on having the perfect hair–conditioning, shampooing, straightening, blow-drying, etc. But taking care of your scalp is important for having the luxurious, silky hair you’ve always wanted. And one big sign that your scalp needs a little more attention is if it itches! Here are some reasons why your scalp might itch and therefore be in need of some tender loving care:

  • sunburns
  • dandruff (i.e., dry scalp)
  • scalp infection

How Does Aloe Help?

How the heck does the gel from a plant help relieve an itchy scalp? Well, aloe gets the job done not in one way, but three! Because aloe vera gel is

it works by cooling the effected area, calming your urge to scratch your head. Who would have thought this powerful plant could keep your itch under control? So don’t doubt the powers of this natural remedy just yet.

Aloe Vera and Itchy Scalp: The Method

Things You Will Need:

  • aloe vera gel (either straight from the aloe leaf or pre-packaged from a health food store)

The Steps:

1. Remove the aloe gel from the aloe leaf (or the package if you went that route!)

2. Before shampooing, massage the pure aloe gel into your scalp. Use your fingers to rub it in and make sure it covers all areas of your head!

3. Leave the aloe gel in your hair for at least 20 minutes.

4. After the time is up, rinse out that aloe gel and continue with your normal shower routine.

Sounds simple enough, right? Now there is no excuse not to try it. Your itchy scalp will thank you!

Aloe Does More Than Eliminate Itch

Aloe is not a one-trick pony by any stretch of the imagination! Aloe gel does so much more for your hair than just treat the scalp! Adding aloe to your daily shower routine can improve the health of your hair in a lot of other ways:

Aloe is known for its hair loss and re-growth properties. And from dandruff relief to dealing with greasy hair, aloe is your one-stop shop for hair troubles. If you have no specific hair needs, aloe can still help your hair: the gel also serves as a general detox for your hair, washing away all the impurities! There are also many aloe hair products you can make right at home to keep your hair in tip-top shape, including conditioner, shampoo, and oil! If you thought all aloe could do was eliminate that itch, think again. Get started on trying aloe in all these different ways!

Itchy scalp? Forget scratching, try aloe vera!

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  1. John Gonzalez says

    what is the best aloe Vera gel to obtain? Would any health food store’s Aloe Vera be suitable? Would I just apply the gel on a dry or wet scalp then leave on for a while and shampoo out ?

    Your response is appreciated.

  2. Kate says

    It really does work great! I had dandruff and it totally cleared it up & my hair has been growing even thicker. I have been using lily of the desert- whole leaf- aloe very gel which is sold all over. I get mine at the vitamin shoppe or health food store. I apply it 20 min. before washing my hair.

  3. Kay says

    Why do I find the liquid aloe vera juice I use leaves my hair dry and dull after use? Anyone any ideas please?

  4. says

    I Was Ecstatic Reading About Aloe Vera Initially But, If Aloe is Good for So Many Things Which are Things I Need Help with Right Now. Which I Was Extremely Happy About. But My Heart Sank When I Saw it’s Also Good for greasy hair. As My Hair is Very Dry, So I Don’t Suppose I Can Use it After All. Or Can I?

    • JollyHolly says

      Look for a pure natural gel without alcohol. Any of the drugstore brands (Walgreens, CVS, etc) will have alcohol as a preservative and will be a little drying so try a health food store brand.

      If you still feel like it’s too dry add a touch of oil to it. If you have no problems washing oils out then any standard recommendation will work. But if you have baby fine hair and a hard time getting oil back out try Jojoba. Most oils take at least 3 washes to get back out on my hair so I avoid them but most people do fine. Everyone’s different.

  5. therese davis says

    aloe Vera is good as a face musk as well cut a piece from the leaf cut in half than use gel on face and dont frown as you use it you dont want any wrinkles ah. was off the next day with just water smoother skin and clear skin

  6. Graham Chetwynd says

    I’ve been using Aloe Vera for years for my skin problems and it is brilliant. Lately I have been having scalp/ dandruff problems and to help this I changed my usual shampoo to a Baby shampoo as it is gentle which helps but started using Aloe Vera jel afterwards as well and that really sorted the problem.
    Something I found out recently about Aloe Vera it also clears cold sores. When on holiday recently I developed a cold sore and had no cream to clear it so I thought I would try Aloe Vera which I had with me and it really works! Aloe is wonderful for a lot of things without an expensive prescription. I wouldn’t be without it. It is truly one of natures wonders

  7. Dricka says

    I use Fruit of the valley aloe vera gel on my face and scalp because I have dermatitis. It works well on both, I just don’t rinse or wash it out of my hair/scalp daily, only once a week when I do my routine wash.

  8. Katey says

    Aloe vera gel is the only thing that relieves my itchy scalp, but the relief is only temporary. The itch always returns after the gel is rinsed out, so I leave it in between shampoos.

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