Grease Be Gone! Combine Lemon & Aloe Vera for Your Oily Scalp

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Ugh. There it is again. That greasy hair. Even a ponytail can’t hide the oily mess! What’s a person to do? Well, no more pity-parties and definitely no more half-assed hair solutions –there will be no accepting defeat here! Greasy hair will not win! Calling all fellow greasy-hair sufferers: if you no longer know what to do with your greasy hair, here is something I bet you haven’t tried yet. Mix up an aloe vera juice and lemon rinse for your hair! The natural astringency of this mixture will help dry up your oily scalp, leaving you with less grease and many more good hair days!

The Deets on Aloe Vera and Oily Hair

Aloe vera and oily hair. So what’s the connection here? We’ll, let me tell you. Whether you are suffering from dandruff due to a dry scalp or excess oil because of overactive hormones, aloe vera can rescue your hair! The cleansing enzymes in the gel of this cactus-like plant do double hair duty! You don’t want impurities in your pores. So, by helping unclog grease-filled hair follicles,

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  • the proteolytic ennnzyme

eliminates the oil that is weighing your hair down and giving it that shiny appearance. Detoxify that scalp of yours!

What’s with the Lemon Juice, Huh?

Aloe alone is a great hair cleanser. But in the fight against greasy hair, you will want to give your aloe a side-kick. And it just so happens that lemon is one of the best kept secrets for fixing of problem of oily hair! Because lemons have an acidic pH, they work as an astringent. So while your aloe works to flush out your pores, the acidic juice from the lemons will close up those pores to keep dirt, dead skin and ore grease from getting trapped in them again! Sounds like the perfect team to me!

Make a Mixture of Aloe Vera and Lemon for Hair

Things You Will Need:

  • 1 tablespoon of aloe vera gel
  • A few drops of pure lemon juice

Combine your aloe vera gel, which you can get straight from the plant or prepackaged from a local health food store, with a few drops of juice from a lemon. It’s as simple as that! Once thoroughly mixed, apply the finished aloe-lemon product to your hair, making sure to massage it into your scalp and cover your entire head. Leave the mixture in your hair for about 10 minutes before you wash it off. Shampoo as normal after your hair indulges in this aloe-lemon treatment!

Other Ways to Keep the Oil at Bay!

This aloe-lemon mixture works best to remove oil from your scalp if you combine it with other easy lifestyle changes:

  • Keep your hands off your hair!
  • Condition your hair, but only condition the ends of it.
  • Watch your diet: more fresh foods and less of that salty processed junk!
  • Chill out! Stress can activate those grease glands!

There you have it. No more letting your hair drown in grease! Those days are behind you!


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  2. Anne-Marie says

    Enjoyed this post!! I am using aloe Vera and Orange EO INSTEAD of shampoo to avoid chemical toxins in shampoo bottles!! I knew of 2 Japanese women during WWll who used only fresh aloe Vera gel as shampoo from the Island of Amami Oshima! Now, I am following in their footsteps using it as well! Thanks for the tip on using lemon juice!!!

  3. Sam says

    My acquaintance told me biotin vitamins really helped her grow hair. Also i take niacin vitamins to help my blood flow. Not recommended for everyone.

    It seems like if i massage my scalp or maybe chinese acupressure points. . .?????

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