Organic Aloe Vera Energy Drink!

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Today I found a article talking about how Hype Energy, a company that produces energy drinks, has added an organic Aloe Vera energy drink to it’s resume. It’s “A lightly carbonated energy drink, made with apple juice, Aloe Vera, tea and enhanced with guarana extracts while enriched in natural flavours, vitamins and antioxidants.” That’s right, and Aloe Vera energy drink! Sounds delicious. I also like that it is organic and all natural.

We are a world that is run by coffee…or at least that’s what Dunkin Donuts seems to think. At the office I work we go through at least two large carafe’s a day, and that doesn’t include what happens at the espresso station! That’s a lot of caffeine, sugar, and dairy! I think we can all do with a few more options that give us energy, but don’t weigh us down or make us sick to our stomachs. I know a few friends who have had painful experiences with those little 5 hour energy drinks. Aloe Vera offers an alternative to these scary stomach-eating drinks. In fact, Aloe is consumed regularly by some people with sensitive stomachs to soothe and regulate digestion.

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Hype Energy claims that its “new organic energy drink also provides increased performance, concentration, reaction time and vigilance. It improves one’s emotional state and stimulates the metabolism.” I’ll have to find this and give it a try.


I have an Aloe Vera juice taste test and review coming up in the mix. Check back for that post…I’m sure it will be interesting!

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